You Stupid Super-Soldier

Claire Seymour isn't your average 23 year old. Nope. When she was fifteen, she may have broken into a lab and may have stolen a vial with a pink substance in it and accidentally had it get into her blood stream, which gave her super-powers. She has enhanced strength, sight, speed, hearing and as a bonus, she has night vision, invisibility and regenerative cells which means she can't be injured and she doesn't age anymore. She is recruited into S.H.I.E.L.D when she is 16 after saving New York from her nemesis that had returned to reek havoc on her life. Now she is meeting Captain America.


1. Introduction

"So we called her in, and can anyone guess what she di-" 

"Whoa whoa whoa Director Fury, you can't just tell them the story from there.." 

"Well than where do you want me to start?"

"At the beginning of course."

"We don't know the beginning." 

"That's why I'm here is it not?"

"Fine you tell the children then." 

"Okay, so it all started when I was just 15, and I was a rebel, I would never put my red hair in proper hairstyles, and I would never where contacts to cover up my bright green eyes, instead I wore glasses to make them stand out." 

They all gasped and I laughed. 

"Oh yeah, and I would break in to places and steal things to get my parents attention, but it never worked. So on the day before my 16th birthday, I did what my parents thought I would never do."

"What?" They all screamed.

"I broke into a science lab!" They all gasped again and I laughed again and squeezed Steve's hand. "Now, when I tell this story, you have to believe every word. But, I'm going to start just before I was recruited by Director Fury okay? Or it would be too long of a story."

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