The lose of the two boys

A girl named Hannah and her friend Joleyna just went in the park and found two boys walking around in the park when they run into each other after them ran into each other Hannah and Joleyna's life start changing????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<3
one direction story


19. Changing stuff up???

Zayn's POV...So we are changing stuff up today so we are having braking news to say to the fans and the girls there is no ONE DIRECTION ANY MORE the band is done for ever Harry and Louis is not here so we can not make new songs without them or the 1D 3D Movie This Is Us there's no One direction any more we just wish Harry and Louis was here               Hannahs POV...So we were watching a show called HollyWire and the girl on there said there's NO MORE ONE DIRECTION ANY MORE we started crying are eyes out we found out it was because Harry and Louis was not here any more they were gone for good I kept saying NO NO NO this can't happen then Joleyna said im sorry but the boys are not all together any more that's why the band is over Hannah Joleyna said to me.                                        Nialls POV...So we found out the girls were crying there eyes out that there is no one direction any more but we are going to the prom soon im going with Hannah Zayn is going with Joleyna and Liam is going With Danieal I know that Zayn is dating Perrie but zayn is going with Joleyna to make her happy cause nobody would not go with her but Perrie is fine with it but Perrie is just going with this guy Josh as a friend and Elounor is going with this guy Ed so every body is going as friends but Liam and Danieal is dating so we are trying to get over that Harry and Louis is gone for ever.     I HOPED YOU GUYS LIKED IT THE NEXT CHAPTER YOU ARE GOING TO LOVE READ TO FIND OUT???





























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