The Fuse

One murder after another, the Queen becomes assassinated. Now people on the streets are dying. Can people find the Plan behind the Plot?


4. Heaven?

I opened my eyes. It looked like heaven. The ceiling, or, possibly the sky, was white. My bedclothes were white. I tried to turn my head to look at the walls. It wasn't turning. Had I forgotten how to turn my head? Suddenly an alarm went off, it called; "Patient 3 Ward 7, Patient 3 Ward 7," I was obviously in rather intensive care by the fact that about 5 seconds later, about 10 doctors and nurses charged through what must have been a hospital door at the end of the room. One of the doctors held out a big syringe, and then two others forced him to the floor, grabbed my bed, and ran with me through the hospital and out of the doors as fast as they could, with other people trying to stop them as I was forced out of the doors into the back of a Ford Transit Van. My vision faded as I left the Car Park. I blacked out. Again.

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