The Fuse

One murder after another, the Queen becomes assassinated. Now people on the streets are dying. Can people find the Plan behind the Plot?


3. Allies Backfired

I drove my car almost directly behind the ambulance all of the way along the M25, and then, it swerved off. I followed it along a stony grey driveway until we met a private airfield. I got out of my car, and ran and hid in the nearest hedge.

Sam was escorted out by two young men, and an old woman, and he was made to rest on a tree stump, just around the corner from me.

Suddenly, out of nowhere three blue and white police cars came thundering the stone track behind me. I had backup. Now we could storm in. I came out from behind the hedge, and lent towards the driver of the first car.

The following police car driver wound down his window. I saw the glint of a gun resting on his wing-mirror. Now all I could see was a bullet about to puncture my chest. All I could feel was the pain.

It sped into my flesh. I collapsed. I watched as a plane landed to take Sam away. I blacked out.

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