(Based on real life events)

"Maybe I was just clueless or dumb to even think that someonoe in this entire world will actually care enough about me like he made it out to be. Now that he has shown me the true monster that lies beneath his outer shell, I realize Im.....alone."

Miralise, or Mira, is a 13 year old girl who has to learn the adult ways of the world. Her parents were killed in a violent car accident when she was 9 and hasnt been the same since. None of her family members want anything to do with Mira. They think she is a curse, and whoever is her caretaker will die the same way as her parents did. Continue on to live Mira's real life hell...


1. Secret Doors

   I was sitting on the floor of my now empty bedroom.  Having the bank take everything from you leaves you like this.  It was the 4-year birthday of the death of my parents.  A tear slid down my cheek at the thought of them.  Social services havent come yet to take me away, thank god.  I dont think I would be able to leave this house, unless they dragged me out of her by my ankles.  I laughed at the thought of them doing that to me. 

   There was the sound of light knocking coming from downstairs.  No doubt in my mind I knew it was them, here, to take me away.  But I prepared for this day to come.  I ran out of the room and into another.  My parents had a secret door at the back of their closet.  Just by looking in there, you'd never know there was a door there.  I took shelter in that little room as the creeking sound of the front door echoed throughout the house.  Carefully listening at the sounds of heels clicking at they walked around.  Then there was another sound of feet moving about the house.


"Is she her Marty?"  a female spoke

"She not in the kitchen Gretchen." 


    It sounded as if he had his mouth devoured by food.  There wasn't anymore talking after that, but they didnt make their way up the stairs.  One....two set of footsteps walked past my parents bedroom door.  By the distant sound of feet, I could tell that they were already searching my room.  Shouldnt be that hard concidering nothing was in there. 

   You see social services has been here....a few times hah.  Guess I lied about that, oops.  Anyway, they have been upgrading on there...workers.  First they send a nice lady with a clipboard and glasses, then they send that lady back but with a police officer or two.  Now, if those dont work out, they send "special" officers for forcibly remove the child from the home.  I guess me making two must noise at night made people realize that I'm still here.

   After searching the entire house, they finally approached the room I was in.  One....two footsteps entered the bedroom.  My parents room was the only room that hadn't got the furniture taken out of it.  Why?  I have not a clue actually.  They checked the drawers, under the bed, in their bathroom, in their other closet and on their little patio thing.  Finally they were in front of this closet.  Occasional "shh" came from the lady, to her idiot fri- partner.  The door swung open and they searched everywhere, they even started to knock on the inner walls of the closet.  I held my breathe because I started to think that they might find me.  The knocking continued till finally...they found it.


(This story is dedicated to my cousin Emillee.)

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