Amber Woods is Clueless...Does she even know what love is? After long leaving her feelings for her ex boyfriend and deserter Brandon behind she's still confused. has she found that 'perfect' true love this time...Or will her old emotions come rushing back?...<3


3. ~Chelsea~

I drove off, away from Ambers mansion, quickly. My smile turned sour as I glared into the rear view mirror. Amber, always the best clothes, the best shoes, the most attention- from girls and guys.

I mean to be honest, if I didn't love her so much, I'd definitely hate her. With Jake, We're bestest friends. But along with love, comes to jealousy. She doesn't half show off, with her perfect life and even perfecter wardrobe.

I had always envied their wealthiness. Her mum a professional fashion designer and her brother Kieran on of the best male models around, they were always travelling the world.

Also their whole family had somehow been charmed with amazing looks. I have to work each day to look as good as I do, while all Amber has to  do is smile. With her perfect teeth and perfect lips.

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