Colours are the most enforced stereotypes. The moment we are born we are categorised into baby blue or pink. People who wear black are distant. Heterosexual men can't wear pink. Races are colours. Different shades have become a negative stigma that suggest the way your eyes see something could be an insult. It's often forgotten that colours are beautiful and not just literally. The world is not monochromatic but fantastically spectroscopic.

A poem reflecting on the enviable devastation of writer's block.


1. Clarity


Although it is often thought

Black is the colour of darkness
I feel safe in its shadows.
And despite nature’s warning of pungent red
The natural shade of blood is homely to my body
Comforted by the taint of kisses.
My eyes are aware that white holds the greatest threat.
A blank page that reflects your minds glass
The empty echoes of despair.
Without inspiration,
Suffocated in plain sight
Nowhere to hide in the bright day light.
Left exposed and pierced by self-frustration.
However the cool distant course of alabaster
Can do more that intimidate with purity.
Blessed with the ability to start afresh;
The most terrifying aspect
With no expectation or stigma attached that
Only you have the choice to leave it blank or
To let it colour your life.


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