She loves him, I love him, i don't know who he loves?


3. Winter Wonderland

They know. He told them. Austin and Aron, the two guys all the girls fall for. Not me. I fell hard for Owen and it seems like he wasn't there to catch me. I'm bleeding now. More blood than I've ever bled. But not physically. Emotionally. They twist your feeling the twins. Change them into something funny or humiliating. And i just know that's what the're going to do. Maybe not cause Owen's their friend but i can't be sure. All i can do is stay away from them and Owen until this whole thing blows over. See the thing is, there's no wind here anymore.

It's cold now. The snow keeps falling and falling and i forgot my coat in the car thins morning. I walk into the canteen,where a quarter of the school are gathered, probably cause f the warmth and cause their parents will pick them up later. They gave us a half day today because of the snow. I see Naomi and Kate by the tables and head on over. 


"Wazzhap?" replies Kate.


"Yer i know!" chips in Naomi.

"Where's your coat by the way?" asks Naomi

"Forgot it in the car this morning!"

"Dumbo," expresses Kate.

Just at that moment, Owen walks in talking to Annie. He see's me shivering and makes for his coat. Doesn't he understand that i'm avoiding him? He's just about to reach me i ask Kate if i can wear hers.

"Yer sure!" she hands it to me and i see Owen look disappointed. He likes me.

"Do you want some hot coca, you look kinda cold?" he asks.

"Sure thanks!" i reply. He asks the others if they want anything so it doesn't look like he's favoring me. It works no one notices anything. 

When he hands me my coca, our hands meet. I feel a spark, and i think he does to.


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