She loves him, I love him, i don't know who he loves?


2. Trainers trouble

He loves me, he loves me not, he loves me. I found a daisy, the first one on the school field. He loves me and the daisy agrees. I really like Aline don't get me wrong, but i never feel safe that he just likes me. He always plays tennis or table tennis. I walk round the school site and he see's me with my friends and calls us over.

"Hey," i say

"Hi," he replies

"Learn't how to hit the ball have we now Owen?" teases Annie 

"Come have a game and we'll see who wins Annie!" he retorts

"Another time french boy, got ma girls to hang out with,"

"Fine, another time."

See that's what i love about them two. They're horrible to each other one minute and besties the next. The girls go off to talk to Sam and Pete, leaving me and Owen alone in the tennis courts. 

"So going out with Laine i hear?" i ask, trying but failing to hide my jealous voice.

"Why you jealous?" he asks smiling. I'm tempted to say that i am and i want him back but....

"No, just wondering," i say casually. His smile fades a little, i feel a small glow inside of me now.

"Yer, i asked and she said yes so you now that's that."


We see Mr. Sleany walking towards us. Damn it! we're not allowed in the tennis courts without trainers. I make a brisk walk for it but he catches up with me.

"Going somewhere young lady?" he asks

" No sir," i reply. He pulls out this small red note book and asks me my name and writes it down in his book. He repeats this with the girls and explains how if he see's us in the courts without trainers again we get a detention. We obviously have to leave.

The girls laugh about it later but all i can think about is Owens new relationship.

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