She loves him, I love him, i don't know who he loves?


1. Back up the Truck

He knows, she knows, they all know. I love him.

I'm 12 , my name is Mitzi and i know nothing about love. Except him. People talk, i know they do. At least she didn't kiss HIM. Never mind Don, that's another story. I can't kiss him. My mum wold kill me.  I don't even think he'd kiss me. Well maybe i hope. His name is Owen, he has dreamy green eyes and caramel skin that makes your heart melt. Her name is Aline, she loves him to. She'd never admit it, neither would I. Why would we? He's short, has hazel hair that's so tall it adds a few inches to his height and can speak fluent french. Nothing a normal girl would look for in a guy. Then again, my friends don't think i'm normal.

My best friends, Annie, Kate, Silver, Naomi and Ivy think i'm crazy for liking him. Annie especially hates him, mainly cause she thinks he's an idiot and cause i get her to tell me everything he says to her if it's about me. You see he talks allot about me, i know it, cause he rarely talks to Annie about anything else. Kate, she's the man's girl. It's really hard to keep track on who she's dating and when she's dating them. Of course her and Annie are in practically all the sports teams being the athletes they are. Silver, she's stupid. Not like Annie crazy or my not normalness just different. She makes everyone laugh without meaning to and always jokes around. Naomi, she's quiet but loud i guess. She's shy around teachers but bold around me and the others. Ivy's the geek. She explains things in waay to much detail and is good in practically all subjects.

They dated you know, Aline and Owen. For a few weeks and on and off for a while to. They where public. We weren't. I dated him to. Only Annie and Silver new though, Annie helped me out when i wasn't sure what to do. He told two people to. Caleb and Sam. They're cool though so i didn't mind cause i knew they wouldn't tell anyone. 

He still loves me, I know he does. The way he looks at me,they way he's always kind to me and not my friends. And above all the way he tries to make me jealous. 

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