its not good to love you

Her name was Lola. A sweet innocent girl who fell in love with a vampire hunter. His name was Liam. A fatal mistake caused a heart break, her heart break. Then everything turned, she no longer loved Liam. Her name was Lola and after a good punch to the heart, she fell hopelessly in love with a vampire and he fell hopelessly for her. Max, seeking revenge has other plans. Can Niall protect the love of his life? Only with help.


6. What are you doing to me?

My mouth dropped open "But... I-I wouldn't tell anybody." I said 

"And you may not but we don't know that," He sighed "We'll make it as comfy as possible." He tried. Now tears fell freely from my eyes, why couldn't I just go home. That's all I wanted! Life would go back to normal, but I couldn't help think would it? I looked around, eventually sighing they wouldn't let me out, besides there were what 4 vampires and I'm just me a puny human. I lowered my eyes along with my voice

"What about H-Harry." I felt ashamed to say it but he terrified me! 

"He won't lay a finger on you." He said so cold that I shivered. No I could trust Niall. Could I? His eyes seemed to swallow me, taking in every bit of me. He leaned so close I could feel his warm breath wash over my face. "You can always trust me." He said so sincerely I couldn't help but letting my knees get weak. He backed me into to door his deep blue eyes bore holes into mine. He really needs to stop the mind reading 

"Niall! It's a mined and it's mine so stop reading it!" I complain 

"Sooowwy" he says in a baby voice while laughing. Only making me laugh at he's cute laugh. Once we stopped laughing we looked at each other for what seemed like hours. 

"Your blue eyes are so.. Blue." I stated 
He smiled, 

"what are you doing to me?" He questioned. 

"Me? I'm not doing anything." I say, even tho I knew I was doing something. But what? But bigger question what is he doing to me? i mean i hardly know him, plus that i should be scared that im trapped in a house with 5 vampires but i'm not i feel safe with Niall. He got closer if its even possible, Niall took my small hand in his. just at that slight touch sent a
Shock of pure pleasure (not the dirty kind) up my arm 

"When we touch even in the slightest way a shock of pleasure goes off in my body," my mouth fell open "And I all I want is you to hold you, kiss you,
Cuddle you. And I know you feel and want all of that to." He smirked. I looked down knowing he right, I did want all of that. He leaned in so close that our lips were almost touching, I looked him dead in the eye 

"N-no I don't." I stuttered 

"But you do." He leaned In more one more move and our lips will touch. Oh how I wanted to kiss him. I looked down 

"I don't want to Be your next sex toy." 
He pulled away 

"My sex toy. You think that's what you are caz ill be damned to tell you your not!" He yelled. All I did was nod  

"You have no idea.. I've been waiting for what seems like an eternity for you to come along! And here you are and all I want to do is hold you, feel your embrace, breath in your sweet scent!" My next actions shocked even me. I threw my arms around his neck burring my head into the crook of his neck. At first the action shocked him so he stood with his arms by his sides for a few seconds then he wrapped his long muscular arms around my small torso. After a good 10 min we let go. 

"I have something to show you" he whispered smiling down at me. 

"No surprises." I inform him, all he does is laugh. 

"We'll see." I huffed knowing he had a surprise that I didn't want. He lead me to the stairs and stopped on the 3rd step. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a blindfold, I backed up into the rail.

"Ahaha no. You not putting that on me, I'll trip and fall and break something!" 
It was true I was so clumsy! In the past week I had fallen in the shower 3 times! Blindfolding me, awful idea. 

"I won't let you fall." He try's. I look at his face then to the blindfold. 

"Fine." I sigh. He smirks and walks over to me. He placed the red blindfold gently around my eyes and ties it. 
"Never." He whispers to himself more than to me. I smiled, what the heck is he doing to me? We continue walking up stairs till we reached the top, taking baby steps. We walked to a door or that's my guess. He hold onto my waist and opens something with a creek, the smell of cinnamon and pine tree fill my nose as we enter, my favourite smells. I smiled. He places me in what seems like the centre of the room. 

"Ready?" He questions, I could tell there was a smile on his face. He pulls the blind fold off and the sight makes me mouth fall open. The room was huge, the  walls were a light lavender color, with Christmas lights hanging across the wall. The future was all white, the bed had a white head bored with a black comforter what white dots. Right above the dresser was a flat screen tv so huge that I couldn't believe it. Niall smiled at my amazement  

"Look at this." He opens a door leading to a bathroom. The bathroom had light blue walls with yellow towels and rugs. There was a deep tub with jets! And the shower had stone tiles,man this place was awesome! I walked to a door at the end of the bathroom leading to a walking closet! The closet was twice the size of my bath room filled with clothes that all seemed to be my size, where and how they knew my size and got my cloths ill never know but I was to happy to care. 

"You like?" Niall asked with a smirk. My smile dropped this will be fun. 

"No." I state he's smile fades and the gleam in his eyes dims. 

"B-but you loved the color lavender and you've always wanted a room like this with a walking closet and a bathroom! And I made sure to make to room smell like pine tree and cinnamon case I know how-" I cut him off by slinging my arms around his neck. 

"I don't like it, I love it. Thank you for doing all this for me." Once he recover form his shock he sighed and tightened his arms around me while placing his head I'm the crook of my neck. 

"Ehh it was nothing" he shrugged 

"Ya nothing," I giggled "I for one love it, it was very thoughtful." I kissed his cheek. His mouth fell open. Soon his bright blue eyes darkened with lust, he pushed me up against the now closed closet door. I gasped at his ruff actions.

"Niall what are you doing?" I questioned frankly I was scared out of my mined 

"Something I schools have done when I first saw you." He leaned forward. Oh his lips looked so soft and were so close to mine! I wanted them! Wait what I don't know him! Ugh this feels so wrong yet so right. Soon he closed to little space we had between us and his smooth lips collided with mine. A million fireworks went off in my tummy. Our lips danced together in perfect harmony. I didn't want tis moment to end. But sadly it did with a nock on my door. I pull away and he lets out an annoyed huff but still grins, only making me giggle. He grabs my hand and walks out of the bathroom and opens up my bed room door and the one and only Louis is standing there. 

"I need to talk to you" he tells Niall. Niall nods and like that Louis was gone. He turns to me 

"We'll my room in right next to yours and your always welcome in along with the house welcome anywhere. But keep in mind the house is huge." He says 

"Alright and thanks again." He smiles and walks out, I sigh and turn to go look at some of my cloths I want to play in the snow! But before I could walk to my closet someone grasps my wrist and pulls me towards them. Is it Harry?! But it was Niall. 

"Forgot something." He stats 


"This." He leans towards me a kisses me, I giggle and put my hands on his chest. Ah there's those butterfly's. He pulls away and walks out. I sigh contently.  I walk into my walk in closet and pull out skinny jeans and a cream jumper with a rosy pink scarf and brown Uggs.
I put my blonde hair into a side braid and make sure my phone is in my pocket. I walk out of my room and head down the stairs to the back door, on e I reached it I opened the door and welcomed to freezing air. And soon I bolted out the door I ran to the little pond they had in the back and gazed down at the ice, when the trees started rustling and bam! Right behind me a body slammed on the ground. I turned looking frantically to see if any of the boys were near but no one was out and the house was to far away to beat this vampire. I took A look at his appearance he had dark slicked back red hair with hazel eyes. He had a leather jacket with a white t-shirt and jeans with black converse. I gulped I knew this wasn't  good  

"Don't worry baby they can't save you." He said in a voice that sounded that nails on a chalk bored. I took a deep breath.

 "Niall." I called out in my mined praying he would hear. I was terrified words couldn't explain how I felt, all my emotions mixed I was tired of being scared and helpless sure I may not have a persuasive voice or have super strength, but I do have one thing, a very smart mouth and it's about time I use it. I walked up to who ever this was and looked at his feet. 

"Don't call me baby, and really converse with leather? It's like you walked in your closet blind." I sighed 
"To bad, they make you look like a sissy." I smirked. Bad idea. Next thing I know I was thrown against a tree, his tall figure heading towards me. I gritted my teeth to suppress the scream building in my throat.

 "Niall" i sreamed in my mined He bent down to my level, his nostrils flared.  

"I don't get what Niall sees in you." He spits out  

"Ouch! How long did it take you to think of that?" I tilt my head, fluttering my eyes acting innocent. his temper was his weakness push it enough he will pop.  

"Carful make me angry you just might be my dinner. Plus you smell pretty good I don't know if I can't control myself." He says with a pout. 
He want me to be scared, cry, beg for mercy, but that's the one thing he won't get. So I erupted in laughter. I laughed for a good 2 minutes.

"Who are you?" I question trying to stop another giggle form leaving my mouth . 
"Your worst nightmare, but the name is max." He states while examining his nails.

"Well max, I don't want you here so leave." I point my finger to the deep woods.

"That's the problem I don't want to. I've just started playing the game." He smiles showing off his pointed fangs. My face much have given my question away. 

"Ah well you see a few years back me and my soul-mate Martha were planing on making every human into a vampire and we would rule over them. So we picked 5 strong boys and turned them, they were well off had the most amazing powers I had ever seen! So once they had matured we told them of our plan, but they did not agree so they went off," he closed his eyes and took a deep breath. Maybe I could run and make it to the house while he isn't expecting it. So I did I ran and fast as I could, almost there maybe a good 5 feet away. C'mon Lola! But I felt a rush of cold air and ice cold fingers wrapped around my neck.

 "NO!" I screamed. where were the boys! 

"Killing you will be so much fun!"he shouted. "Now on with the story," His fingers were laced around my neck where I couldn't breath. I clawed and scratched as hard as I could trying the get home to let go. "So a few nights later they all come. Killing my poor Martha and trying to kill me but I got away." Air. Air was all I could think about nothing but air. My lungs were burning.  "but before she died I swore I would kill any of their soul-mates, so watch your back." He let go and disappeared in an instant,unfortunately I was released me mid-air and I fell to the ground. The impact was so hard in nocked all the air out of me. I just laid there. For seconds? Minutes? Hours? I don't know just as long as I wanted to then I took a deep Breath and lifted myself up, I walked to the house. I slowly walked up to my room trying to avoid pain. Once I reached the door I swung it open and dashed to my bathroom, My skin is pale and my neck has a purple reddish had print. When I see the mark I let out a cry that sounded like a dying animal. I slammed my fist on the counter where were the boys? A few minutes later Louis comes in. 

"Hey Lola dinner will be reddy in like 10 min-" he stops his eyes landing on my neck "My god! What? Uh. NIALL" he screams. 

"What?" Niall's Irish accent rings through the house. 

"It's Lola!  she-" before he could finish Niall was upstairs. He stops at the door way.he walks over and places two cold finger gently on my neck.  

"Was it har-" I stopped him 


"Than who?" He asks calmly even tho I can tell he's about to burst. I start shaking, Niall noticed and placed his arms around me pulling me to his chest 

"His name was M-max. Niall he's going to kill me." I say as tears leak from my eyes. He lets out a stream of cuss words.  

"She's not safe. Louis go warn the others. And get Zayn in here to fix this." Louis nods and dashes out "I'm so sorry" he murmurs into my hair. I pull away so I can see his face. 

"You weren't there when I needed you! I
called for you and-" he presses his lips on mine and all my anger fades. 

"You know how vampires have powers?" 
He questioned. I nod. "We'll his powers is controlling the mist when I looked out all I saw was you playing in the snow having the time of your life." 

"Mist?" I ask 

"It's the thing that keeps our world apart. So if a vampire was killing a human humans would see maybe two birds fighting." 

"How come I can see you?" I ask. So many questions  

"We'll I'm letting you see me. But today in the woods you saw me right? So you can see right through the mist." He shrugs 

"Is there something wrong with me?" He starts laughing. 

"No, no nothing's wrong with you," he looks at me then to the door as Zayn walked in. 

"Niall to feisty with ya?" Zayn asks smirking, but getting to work he put his hand on my neck and his eyes turn hold and he blew on my neck and it was gone 

"Haha very funny," Niall shouts as he leaves 
 "lets head downstairs eh?" I nod and we walk down stairs and to the couch he plops down and gets the remote and starts flipping through channels. 

"Sit." He says patting the spot next to him so I sit and drape my legs over his. He settles on a football (soccer) game, he sets the remote down and puts his arm around me pulling me to his chest so I wrap my arms around his torso. 

"Eww get a room! God!" Louis yells throwing popcorn at us. I start giggling a Niall catches it in his mouth.  

"We're not doing anything!" I laugh 

"Mmhm ya he's probably over there fingering you!" He shouts my mouth falls open I want to me mad but I can't I just laughing till my tummy hurts and by then my laugh had everyone laughing 

"Lou that's gross!" I shout throwing a pillow at him, which hits him in the head making the popcorn fall out of his lap. 

"Damn it! I loved that pop corn like my own!" He screamed pretending to cry. I laugh and get up to make him more. Niall follows me into the kitchen, as I look in the pantry for the popcorn I hear a bag open behind me

"Hey Lola look at this!" I turn around and everything goes white Niall threw a flower bomb at me. I walk over and slam my lips on his making his grip on the bag loosen and I take it and run the the other side of the island and start pelting fist fills he run to me at vampire speed and snatches it

"Hey not fair!" I scream through fits of giggles. He laughs. 

"Life's not fair baby."he yells. I smirk and walk over I wrap my arms around his neck and lightly place my lips on his. Then I slam the handful of flower I had hidden in his hair, I back away giggle in as he wipes it from his eyes. He looks at me a playful smile tugging at his lips 

"You better run." He laughed lunging at me. I shrieked and ran into the living room where all the boys were I started to run to the stairs when I look back and I see him so close behind me so I jerked left so fast and ran behind Louis. 

"Hey!" He screams. Niall run over and before I have time to think he grabs my waist and starts spinning around. I laughed and screamed in delight as he spun faster. He finally stop and set me down where I am facing him 

"I win." He smiles. 

"ya know I would have won if Louis knew how to protect people!" I raise my voice at the end for him to hear. 

"Hey! I am a very good protecter!" I laugh and turn around freezing in my place sitting on the couch watching my ever move was the last person I wanted to see. Liam. He has a look of jealousy written all o we his face. I look back at Niall and see his cold stair on him. 

"What is he doing here?" Niall questioned jabbing a finger in his direction while pulling my back against his chest. 

"He came here looking for Lola and I let him in." Zayn says. Liam looked at me and says 

"Yes. And I've come to take her back." My mouth drops and I go pale. I'm happy here I don't want to leave! 

"Ok,you can have her over my dead body" Niall shouts Liam gets up and walks over 

"That can be arranged." He smirks Nialls grip on my torso gets tighter. I turn to Niall kiss him on the cheek and pull away, he gets a confused look on his face. I walk over to Liam take his hand and walk the door, I swing it open and walk out pulling Liam with me. I look back and see Nialls face and the sight about kills me he is trying to to cry. I give him a reassuring look that I'm not leaving, I shut the door and look at Liam. 

"I think you should leave." I say 

"Your picking him over me!? After all I've done for you!" He screams making me flinch 

"Ya like cheat in me! Your such a great boy friend! Well ex!" With that I turn away and walk into the house slamming the door behind me. I look up to see all the boy except Niall.i burst my hair out of my face.  
"Where's Niall?" I ask. They looks at each other and the. Harry says in his raspy voice 

"He thinks you left him so he's up in his room." I run up to Niall's room taking two steps at a time, once I reach it I barge in and see him laying face down in his bed. I walk over and sit next to him. He lifts his head and sees me 

"Coming to say bye?" He questioned I smile 

"No. I was never leaving." He sits up pulling me close to him. 

"I thought I lost you." He says 

"You could never loose me" I say hugging him back tighter. 

 writing this story has been so fun! No I will not be writing a sequel.. Ahahahahaha jokes! jokes! its not over haha

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