its not good to love you

Her name was Lola. A sweet innocent girl who fell in love with a vampire hunter. His name was Liam. A fatal mistake caused a heart break, her heart break. Then everything turned, she no longer loved Liam. Her name was Lola and after a good punch to the heart, she fell hopelessly in love with a vampire and he fell hopelessly for her. Max, seeking revenge has other plans. Can Niall protect the love of his life? Only with help.


8. Monster

I watched her chest rise and fall with every breath she took. I should be sleeping, but there is many things I should be doing, Like my heart should be beating. I crave to be human again, more than I crave blood. I want to feel the warmth of Lola to hold her in my arms, to age, I've been 19 for 165 years now. A shriek erupted from Lola's mouth and she flew up in her bed. Her eyes darted everywhere in the room and then landed on me next to her. A pice of hair falling in front of her face, I quickly moved the strand  gently behind her ear, her green eyes were now fixed on the window. 

"He got me Niall," her voice was strained "max got me." She said letting a tear slip. I pulled her to my chest and she fisted up my shirt and cried harder. I picked her up and sat down with her on my lap. Finally she stopped crying after ten long minutes. She looked up a screamed scrambling out of my lap and to the wall. I looked at her confused she looked me dead in the eye 

"Monster." She whispered "I could never love a monster." And that's where my heart shattered. 

"Lola?" I questioned. "I'm not a monster." I said as I slowly walked to her. 

"Yes, you are." She said and threw an awful snarl. 

"NO IM NOT!" I screamed as my fist slammed on the night stand. Lola winced and put her self farther on the wall I looked up and I saw finally what she was seeing, a blood thirsty monster. 

I shot out of bed sweat dripping down my temples I jumped out of bed and ran to Lola's room as I barged in her room it was cold, and that's saying something for a vampire. I ran over to her bed and there she was in a ball with the duvet  wrapped around her frail body, she was shivering. I looked at her window and saw it was open so I went over and shut it. She must have gotten hot and so she opened the window. 

"Niall what are you doing?" She questioned. 

"Oh um I came in and I saw that your window was open so I shut it." I said while running a hand through my hair. She looked down then got up and walked over to turn the lamp on and turned to me.  

Lola's POV: 

He walked over swiftly and rested his hands on the wall beside my face  blocking me from getting out, he leaned in and kissed me. And nothing seamed to be wrong all that mattered was that I loved him and he loved me. I pulled out and smiles to myself just out of that shear thought of him. His hands slid down and lightly lifted to rested on my hips 

"I love you." He whispered in his sweet Irish accent. My smile got wider. 

"I love you too." I whispered back. I ducked under his arm and grabbed my phone and looked at the time.  
"Niall it's 3:26 we need to go back to bed!" 

"Ok" he smiled, and walked over to my bed and fell on it with a sigh. 

"Niall," I groaned. "Get in your own bed!" He grunted and stared walking to my door. 

"Night babe." He winked and walked out. I rolled my eyes and grabbed my phone and went down to the kitchen for a glass of water. I opened a cabinet pulled out a glass and filled it with water. I was siping on the water and scrolling through Instagram when Harry walked in. He cleared his throat causing me to jump. I turned and there he was grimacing at me. 

"What I snapped" with a sudden boost of courage. 

"You," he motioned towards me. "You think that you will get a happy ending with him?" He hissed. I stood there to shocked to answer. "Life isn't a fairy tail! You stupid ignorant, girl!" He shouted. I thought about that I would die and Niall would be a vampire and still be living. "People," he paused. "Monsters like me and him, all of us don't "live happily ever after!" That's just how it is." Harry spat at his own words. He was discussed by who he was who they all were. I cowered beneath him tears were brimming my eyes but I wouldn't let him see, I couldn't that would mean he'd won. "Would you answer me?" He took my chin and forced my face up. My mouth dragged into an open, choked sob that sounded like a dying animal. With a cry tears fell down my cheeks, my eyes burned into his, while his nails digging into my arms as I tried  to hold myself in.  

No ones POV: 

Harry watched her cry in frustration with no emotion and then slowly his true emotions crept back in. He loved her and he was the reason she was crying. He know that he couldn't have her because she was Nialls soulmate but he didn't want her to be with him, he scowled at the thought of Niall touching her. His eyebrows raised and his scowl dropped into a frown. He reached out and tried to pull her into a hug but he stopped mid-air knowing he couldn't, so he gently creased her wet cheek but she shoved him off her and ran out slamming the door behind her. Harry looked at the mirror and grunted. "I don't deserve her." He spat. 


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