its not good to love you

Her name was Lola. A sweet innocent girl who fell in love with a vampire hunter. His name was Liam. A fatal mistake caused a heart break, her heart break. Then everything turned, she no longer loved Liam. Her name was Lola and after a good punch to the heart, she fell hopelessly in love with a vampire and he fell hopelessly for her. Max, seeking revenge has other plans. Can Niall protect the love of his life? Only with help.


4. Hypnotized

''were about to find out'' he says...

Niall swiftly grabs my hand and pulls me close, maybe to close. Soon two other vampires show up, a boy with brown hair and blue-green eyes and another with black hair with a blonde crease in it with brown eyes. They look at Niall as if he'd gone mad, ''Why is a human here?!'' the one with black hair hissed. ''Look Zayn I know this looks ba-'' but Zayn interrupted. '' Bad this look awful!.. dont you agree Louis'' he boomed. Gosh im really feeling the love, Niall starts smirking now I make a mental note to myself to be carful around him. Louis looked between me and Zayn ''Niall dose have a good point" he sighed. Niall must have seen my confused face cause he leaned down and whispered softly "Louis can read emotions which is kinda like reading your thought's'' ahh now I see. Louis, Zayn, and Niall all exchanged looks, finally after 10 minutes Zayn sighed and agreed. ''Whats your name love?'' Louis asked. I looked at my shoes '' L-Lola'' I muttered quietly ''Lola..humm nice" a raspy voice spoke behind me. I didnt turn around but the voice sent shivers down my spine and not the good ones. "Hey Harry" Niall says shakily, all Harry dose is smirk. ''Her scent is very strong'' he slowly starts walking towards me, his was one of pure evil. Harry reached out and twirls a strand of my blonde hair and I flinch into Niall, his cold hand grips mine tighter. Suddenly I felt as if I needed to give him my blood, no I wanted to give him my blood, wait what am I saying. I let go of Nialls hand and walked over to Harry. ''Lola what are you doing?'' Niall whispers. '' Oh just shutup Niall.''I snapped. As soon as the words left my mouth I regretted it, my hand flew to my mouth and I turned around and the sparkle in his brilliant blue eyes was dim. I hated myself right now the only sound was Harry's deep chuckle, I wanted to fight and refuse against this feeling but I just couldn't. I turned to Harry and pulled up my sleeve and held my tan wrist up. ''Harry stop it!!'' Niall and Louis roar. But Harry just ignored them and harshly grabbed my wrist. Thats when I felt the pain, Harry had his teath in me and boy did it hurt. 










wow long time no update! Im sorry guys I have been lazy and cramed with work ugg I hate it but new update so yaay!:D hehe anyway tell me what you think! love all of y'all and thank you for reading!!

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