its not good to love you

Her name was Lola. A sweet innocent girl who fell in love with a vampire hunter. His name was Liam. A fatal mistake caused a heart break, her heart break. Then everything turned, she no longer loved Liam. Her name was Lola and after a good punch to the heart, she fell hopelessly in love with a vampire and he fell hopelessly for her. Max, seeking revenge has other plans. Can Niall protect the love of his life? Only with help.


1. first time

As i was driveing home i saw him in the woods I could not help but think, its snowing and this boy who looks about my age is in the woods. As i got to the stop-light i coud see him better he had blond hair that got dark at the roots and blue eyes. As I was waiting for the light to turn green i could fill his blue eyes burning holes intp my SUV. Soon the light turned green and i started driving to my house again. but a I was driving down the long twisty rode and could still fill his blue eyes on me.Soon i was home, Igot out of my car and walked to the door before i could nock the door opened and there stood my perfect boyfriend yes we live together, relizing my hand was still in the air I lowered it ans smiled. Liam just laughed at my action and pulled me in for a hug ''Lola i havent seen my baby in forever!''he screams ''yes cause 1 hour ago was really 10 years'' I giggled ''party pooper'' he says pouting I just smiled and walked in' I took off my shoes and looked at the tv. he was watching Step it up revolution, ''i'll go make some pop corn'' i say he just nods i walk into the kitchenand hear the doorbell ring Liam will get it. I look in all cabinets but there was no popcorn after looking in all cabinets again i decided to go to the store i walk out to a sight i thought i would never see. Liam is kissing a girl that is clearly not me.Who is she?, why would he do this to us? all of the unanswered questions were swirling around in my head causing my head to hurt. I make sure my phone is in my back pocket liam and this girl were still kissing and i was still unnoticed,my eyes were tearing up so i shoved on my pink vans that didnt match my outfit on my feet. Now tears were falling down my face like a waterfall ''goodby Liam'' i say,he stoped kissing the girl and looked up at me ''Lola its not what it looks like'' he says frantically ''im not dumb Liam'' i say walking to the door ''Lola you will freeze'' ''rather that than be in here with you'' with that i slam the door and start walkingevery thing is so perfect the way the white snow stays on the green pine trees. soon i dont know where i am i see a mani look around only for my eyes to land on the man once again, he was tall and had black hair. He licked hislips i turn around and stary walking he done to, i speed walk he dose to i sprind he dose to I didnt look back but i know stupid me ran into the woods instead of to a house for help, i dont hear his foot steps yet i dont slow down soon I do catch my breath then i saw him he was long ways away yet coming closer. I was going to start running when a clold hand covered my mouth and a cold arm wraped arount my body..


A/N heeyyy so how you like my new story? thanks for reading

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