Niall's daughter and Liam Payne's son

After One Direction spit evry thing was fine until one car , one night that changed everything between Liam and Niall ....... But can Niall's daughter and Liam's son change that ???


2. chapter two

Sean's P.O.V 

"You ok son??"My father Liam asked me , he was standing against my wall across from my bed where is was sitting, with my guitar in hand 

"Who said you could come in my room?" I snapped , I instanly saw the hurt in his eyes , "I'm sorry dad I didn't mean to snap at you I just had a fight with Lorna." Lorna is my best friend . 

"It's alright!" He sighted "what you playing??" 

"What makes you beautiful by your old band and Pretend it's okay by little mix." I explained 

"I miss those boys"He mumbbled  

"What happened to them ??"I asked 

"We just lost contact" He shrugged 

"OI MR PAYNE YOU STILL ALIVE!!" I herd lorna yell from down stairs 

"UP HERE!!"I yelled back , she was running up the stairs and apeerd at

at my bedroom door .

"Hi Sean hows you??" She asked

"I'll go and leave yous guys to it" dad mumbled as he got of my bed and walking out my room .

"I'm okay" I lied

"spill" She demanded

"Fern broke up with me cause she thought i was cheating on her!!" I sighted

"Told you she's a bitch" she said and then pulled me into a hug

"You used to be mates with her tho??" I asked

"Used too" She said clearly

Liam's P.O.V

I let Sean's room and want into the music room shut the door and let a few tears fall from my eyes,

"I'm sorry Niall , I'm so sorry" I muttered to myself "How could I have been so irresponsible!"


"Love you too bye" then I ended the call with my wife then put my mobile in the cup holder

"When are we going to be home?" Shannon asked sleepily

"A few hours sweetie get some sleep" I replied , Then turned back round to face the steering weel , about 30 mins has passed then I had got a text and I opened it , I was just about to reply when I herd triers skreach and a massive crash and every thing went black....


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