Niall's daughter and Liam Payne's son

After One Direction spit evry thing was fine until one car , one night that changed everything between Liam and Niall ....... But can Niall's daughter and Liam's son change that ???


5. Chapter five

Shannon's P.O.V 

"Oh , hiya Sean" I smiled 

"Hi shaza , how's you ? Nice ink !!" He smiled back 

"Oh thank you !!" I exclaimed , "I'm alright thanks how 'bout you ??" 

"I'm good thanks wanna come upstairs ???He asked 

"Sure why not ???" I shrugged , then we walked upstairs and into his room and I saw some sheet music , "One Direction ???" I asked puzzled lifting up the sheets . 

"Yeah One Direction your dad , Darcy's dad , Lucus' dad , Danny's dad and my dad where in it !!" He explained 

"Yeah I know its just dad never talks about it that much ." I shrugged , "Mum mostly tells me about it" 

"Really ????? dad never shuts up about it !!" He laughed , we started talking about some random stuff about what happened like ten years ago , then Sean asked some thing really weird . 

"Has Danny came out yet to Zayn and Perri ???" 

I knew exactly what he was on about you see well ... Danny's gay and he's scared that Zayn and Perri wouldn't except that , "Not yet he's a bit scared , I think he's gonna say at the wedding the way he was talking the night!" I answered 

"Hasn't he got a boyfriend ???" He asked puzzled 

"Yeah ." I nodded 

"Who's wedding ????" He asked 

"Uncle Lou and Aunt El " I smiled 

"Cool when ???" he asked 

"Next Saturday !"

"Coolio" He smiled , "Wanna watch TV ??" 

"Yeah sure!" 


Danny's P.O.V 

Every worse case option is going thro my head right now and endless what if's !!! To bad I'm going to tell mum and dad now!! :

Multi message : mum x       : Dad x 

hey can i speak to you in privet please ??? xxx


Dad replied first : Yeah sure xx 


Then mum : Yeah sure whats up son ??? xxx


we walked out of Uncle Niall's living room and into the hall way 

"What's up son ??? are you okay ???" my dad asked with concern in his tone 

"I understand if you don't except this 'cause it's pretty big!!" I started and looked down to my shoes and back up , "I'm gay" . Then there was an awkward silence , "I'm sorry!!" 

"What are you sorry for ??? That's just you!!" My dad said pulling into a tight hug and my mum soon joined the hug . 

"So how's the lucky guy??" My mother asked letting go of the hug    

"Greg Condy he's one of the guys from school ." I smiled 

"I use protection , son!" dad warned 

"DAD !!!" I screamed , "I'm only 17 !!!!"

"I know , I know  . I just kidding ." he smiled  , Then we all three of us went back into the living room and sat down and we were all watching the music shows and it was "One Direction's top 10 !!" 


Shannon's P.O.V 

"Oh my lord , LOOK AT DAD !!!!" I giggled as me and Sean watched 1D's top ten .

"No , NO !!!!! Look at Harry !!!!! he looks like at total nerd !!!" Sean managed to say while laughing . 

Just after the video had finished and the add's were on Uncle Liam came up ,"You's guys okay ??" He asked 

"Yeah we're fine Uncle Leeroy !!" I smiled , then Sean started imittateing Leeroy's bit of the dance thing , "Stay with my cause I'm quite quick now 5, 6, 7 , 8 Zayn prioet and Louis for the splits and Niall for the shimmy and Liam you stay exactly where you are cause you are per-fect !!" 

And that reduced Liam into fits of laughter , "I've not herd that in years !!" He managed to squeak out , then my mobile went off and "My perfect cousin" came blaring out , I answered it ,

T-Theo , S-Shannon 

Yes my darling cousin - S 

Were are you - T

At liam's why ???- S 

Dads wondering cause Uncle Niall was just on the phone asking if you were here - T

I'm at Liam's bye - S , then I hung up the phone and throw it on the bed , "Ugh "  

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