Dean Winchester: My story

This is my story, Dean Winchester's story. My sad story, my shitty life in this shithole.


3. Silence broken

It had been two days after mom's death and there was still silence in the house.

Two days after mom's death, we had her funeral. I still couldn't wrap my head around the fact that me and my little brother, Sammy was left behind motherless.

Though there wasn't any of mom left but we put a headstone for a memory. Many relatives came and gave their condolences to us. But my dad was still silent. 

Soon one by one everybody left and finally we were left alone. I went up to my mom's grave and did something that I've been longing to do, CRY. But i couldn't because i had to be brave for Sammy. But, I missed her so much. I missed here beautiful face, her smile, her care, her everything. I never knew i would lose her so soon.

Dad on the other hand didn't show any emotions just kept standing silently. But, i knew that dad was already torn inside. 

The ride to the motel was still silent.

When we reached the motel, he first, he put Sammy to sleep and then, called me. I was scared along with a little relieved that dad was at least trying to some emotion, i guess. 

He told me to sit beside him. Now, i was scared rather than relieved. I was scared what he was going to say. I was scared that he would something that will change everything and HE DID.

He said, "Dean, i want you tell you about your mother's death."

I asked with fear, "What, dad?" 

Inside, i really didn't want to know anything. I wasn't really ready to listen to the truth.

Dad said in a husky voice, "Dean, it wasn't some short circuit that killed your mother as some say. It was something else. It was something bad. Something evil that killed your mother. "

I just wished now that dad would just stop. He should have known that a 4 year old wasn't really ready to listen to the truth behind his own mother's death.

But he went on saying, "You know these past few days i've been coming home late."

I said stammering, " faa...ther"

He continued, "Do you know i've been going to the library to learn about these evil things in the world. You know the monster in your closet, the monsters beneath your bed.  IT'S ALL REAL."

I was shocked. How could dad even say it to a 4 year old. He knew that monsters didn't exist, even if they did, parents don't just go telling their 4 year old child. 

He continued, "I know, Dean that you must think i'm mad, all do. But you gotta trust me. MONSTERS ARE REAL. And i am going to train myself to hunt them. I'm going to train myself to kill that thing that killed your mother. I am going to train you to take care of your brother from those monsters. You don't need to be scared of anything, Dean. I'm here to protect you."

I thought to myself. If dad was here to protect me why would he even tell me these horrible things. 

Saying this he went to bed. Somehow, i also scurried off to bed. But, i couldn't sleep that night too. I kept thinking about the things dad said before going to sleep. MONSTERS ARE REAL. I was still confused, How could monsters be real. But, inside i knew that dad wouldn't ever lie to me or would he?


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