Dean Winchester: My story

This is my story, Dean Winchester's story. My sad story, my shitty life in this shithole.


1. Introduction

This is my story, Dean Winchester's story. My sad story, my shitty life in this shithole. I'll tell you what happens out there in the dark. I'll tell you everything about the monsters in this world.

i never wanted this life. I never wished for this life but it just happened. To people, I'm a crazy, i'm a freak but you know what i save people lives but no one's gotta thank me. Some people just see as some freak and crazy. But you know they don't what happens in the dark out there. The monsters out there that kill people, hurt people that they love. But they all just ignore it, they just think of it as some coincidence. 

In our lives there are no such things as coincedence. Everything happens for a reason. There are NO MIRACLES.

My whole life changed

My whole life changed on 22 years back, when my mother died in my brother, Sam's nursery. My dad changed completely. Before my mother's death I was living a normal apple pie life. My dad, John would take to soccer games, I would go to school, study etc every normal boy does. But after my mother's dad everything changed my life, dad EVERYTHING.

I don't really remember what happened that night. I only remembered that my mom was pinned to the ceiling and dad screaming the words that changed the course of my life. TAKE YOUR BROTHER OUTSIDE AS FAST AS YOU CAN, GO DEAN GO. Those words were my father's first order to me. From that day, I always considered that it was my duty to protect Sammy, my little brother. 

My dad quit his job after the fire. All he could think was to kill the son of a bitch who killed Mary, my mother. 

It was all he could think about. 

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