Dean Winchester: My story

This is my story, Dean Winchester's story. My sad story, my shitty life in this shithole.


4. Gone

The sun rose and I was still awake. I couldn't sleep the whole night. I kept thinking about what dad said last night. I was hoping that it was just a realistic dream. But I was wrong.

Dad woke me up and called me. I was now more than scared, I was petrified. My whole body was shaking. I couldn't hear anymore bad news. Last night's news, I couldn't digest I wasn't really ready for another one.

I walked slowly towards him. He looked at me with his dark brown eyes. His eyes were glittering under the morning sun. He gave me a dad look and said, "Dean, I know you're scared after what I said last night. But you've got to stay strong for Sammy. You're his big brother."

I couldn't think of anything to say. I know I had to be strong for my Little brother. But I was just a kid. I was trying so hard to be strong or at least put on a brave face. But I couldn't.

My dad continued, "Dean, I'm going away for a few weeks so take care of Sammy well. I've hired a Nanny for you both.. She'll do the cooking, cleaning and all. She'll come in the afternoon. So behave yourself, Dean. I'm counting on you."

I could't understand what to say. It seemed like everyone was counting on a 4 year old. Sam was counting on me to protect him, dad was counting on me to be brave. It was a lot of weight on a 4 year old's shoulders.

He took his bags and went out of the door without saying a word. I saw him drove off and it was after a long time, I saw his face again. 

I stood on the doorway for a long time, thinking about everything. About dad, my life, Sam. I was still confused over what dad said last night. Maybe he wasn't really joking, maybe ghosts do exist and dad was now going away to fight them. Save people from danger. Turns out its not so bad. My dad would be a HERO. 

In the afternoon, the nanny came. She was a pretty lady in her early 30's. Her name was Ally. She was a nice and good nanny. She took care of Sam and me so well. She pampered us both a lot. She kinda reminded me of mom a lot, how she cut off the sides of my sandwich, how she took care of me. 

I missed mom more than anything at that time. Whenever I looked at her face I saw mom's face. Sometimes I used to just lock myself and cry myself to sleep. But dad told me to be brave so I tried very hard to be brave. Sometimes, I was but sometimes I just broke down, when I just couldn't take it anymore.

Dad didn't come home for a long time. I was missing him so much. Missing mom wasn't enough that I missed my dad. I wished that my life was normal like before and my parents would be together again. It was just a FANTASY. 


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