Dean Winchester: My story

This is my story, Dean Winchester's story. My sad story, my shitty life in this shithole.


5. First times

Dad said that he would be back in a few days. Now, it had been a month and he was still not home. Lately, he was not keeping his word. It was just hollow promises. 

I just didn't know now what to believe and what not believe. It was just so confusing for me.

Dad came home after a month. He got out of his '67 Chevy Impala and I was so happy to see his face. I was so glad that he was alright. I ran to him and gave him a big hug. That moment, I felt that I was safe, everything was fine. His big arms wrapped around me was like HEAVEN to me. I felt happy.

We went inside quietly. Ally served us lunch. There was again this awkward silence on the table. Dad seemed pretty worn out and tired after his long journey. So, I said to break the silence,

"Dad, you seem pretty tired, why don't you rest for a while."

He replied,

"No I'm fine, Dean. Meet me after lunch near the car. We have work to do."

My heart started pounding after listening to those words. Was dad gonna throw another bombshell into my life or maybe it was something good?

After lunch, I started walking towards the car, my heart was racing. The last few days flashed in my mind, mom, the fire, dad telling me the truth about this world. Those last few days had effected me a lot that I couldn't really imagine. The nearer I came to the car the faster my heart started beating. It seemed like my heart was gonna explode.

Dad was already there waiting for me near the car. He had serious look which scared me even more.

Dad said, 

"Get in the car we're going somewhere."

I protested a little trying to ask for some explanation but dad gave me a stern look so I had to get in the car. It was silent ride to nowhere. All I could see was trees, trees and trees.

Dad stopped in the middle and went to back of the Impala and opened the trunk. He lifted the false hood and I saw something that my face drop. 

I saw GUNS. A whole lot of them. Different types of them. At that moment, I was totally confused where dad was heading in this matter.

It was FIRST TIME that had ever seen a gun in real life. Well, I had seen it in movies but never in real life and petrified me.

Dad put some guns in a duffel bag and asked me to follow him. I was really willing to do that but I had to because I didn't really have the courage to say anything to him at that time. It was too scary for me. I followed him deep into the woods. I only saw trees in great distances. It was the FIRST TIME that I had ever been this deep into the woods.

Finally, after a long walk we reached a barren land. Dad stopped there and put down the duffel bag.

He knelt down and held my shoulders and said,

"Dean, I already told you that monsters exist in this world and we need to fight them so that others may not be hurt like your mother."

His voice faded away when he said the word MOTHER. Then, he picked up his pace again and said, 

"Today i'll teach you how to shoot with a gun. It will help you take of your brother better."

I couldn't say anything at that moment. Dad had brought up mom and little Sammy in the same conversation. I didn't want to learn shooting but when dad said it will help me protect Sam better, I convinced myself that I have to do it Sam and replied, 

"I get it, dad. So, what do we do."

Dad started smiling and said,

"I knew it that you won't let me down."

He took out a knife from his jacket and carved a bull's eye into the tree nearby. He took out a gun and shot aiming towards the bull's eye on the tree. It was FIRST TIME that I had seen dad shoot or even hold a gun. He easily hit the target. 

He handed me the gun. It was so heavy that I almost fell down holding it but dad was there for me. It was the FIRST TIME that I was holding a gun. He showed the right way to hold,  how insert the bullets, how to shoot and all the other things. At first, I hit near the bull's eye.

I thought it to be a beginner's luck but dad said happily, 

"Dean, you're natural you'll soon be able to hit the target."

We practiced there for half of the day and then we went home. We reached home and we saw Ally eagerly waiting.

We were famished after practicing shooting for a long time. She laid down the table and we ate our dinner like hungry wolves. After dinner, Dad asked Ally, 

"How's Sam? Is he asleep?

Ally nodded while washing the dishes. 

I quietly went to to Sam and gave him a good night kiss and said,

"Good night, Sammy. I'm always here for you. I'll always protect you."



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