Dean Winchester: My story

This is my story, Dean Winchester's story. My sad story, my shitty life in this shithole.


8. Busted

A silent year passed again. (Wish it would happen more) I was not 6 years old now and Sammy was 2. Sammy was growing up so fast which meant he was a step closer to knowing the truth which was not really what I wanted for Sam to be.

One fine summer day, I was about to destroy my brother's life too soon. I was at the verge to wreck his life just because of my negligence. I was about to get busted for my carelessness by my dad who'd kill me if he found out what I had done.

It was like this:

It was a nice summer morning, dad had gone out for a hunting trip and Ally was left incharge of both of us. I felt a little liberated with her. But with dad it was like I was in leash. But soon I was in for trouble. Ally was making lunch for Sammy and I was in my room doing my school work ( Which Ally forced me to do).

Sammy came into my room half crawling and half walking. His baby voice made me turn around. I was in for a shock, I became pale yellow.


I quickly ran to him and took the gun into my hands and held it firmly. I kept the gun back to its safe and original place. Sam looked at me with his innocent baby eyes. But it did not melt my heart. I was still scared, if dad had been here I would have been dead by now.

I took Sam into my arms and hugged him tightly. It was not really his fault, I was the one who left it there. I hugged him tighly and everything that had happened the past 2 years passed my mind. Mom's death, dad telling me the truth, gun practices etc.

Tear streamed down my face. It seemed like that Sam also hugged me back as if he felt my pain and agony.

"Sam!! Sam!!"

Ally came running into my room and saw us hugging. She was touched.

She came forward to us and said, "You boys, missing your daddy?"

Sam nodded his little head but I didn't wanted to show any of my feelings to her so I remained still.

"Aww.....I know Sam you miss him. But you have got to bear the pain, daddy will be back soon as you eat your lunch. Come on now we got to eat and become strong like daddy." Ally took Sam into her arms and started walking. S

he stopped near the door and turned around, "Dean, aren't you coming?"

"I'll come after a few minutes you take Sam."

She went away. I sat down on the bed thinking what would have happened if Sam had pulled the trigger of the gun by mistake. What would have happened if dad was here at that time. These questions remained in my mind.

But the main thing was that when dad would come should I tell him the truth about what happened. If I told him he'd kill me, if I didn't the thing would eat me up inside slowly.

Finally, I made a choice. I knew I couldn't face the wrath of my father so I chose the thing to eat me up inside. A lot was already there inside, a lot was already buried inside it wouldn't hurt me if I added another thing to it. I wouldn;t care less about it but I could try to.


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