You left, I changed (Editing)

What do you do, when the one you love the most is taken away from you? That's what happens to Elena Styles, yes Little sister of Harry Styles. 1/5 of One Direction. Ever since Harry became a part of One Direction, he hasn't contacted his family. And Elena hates him for that. She supported him through X-Factor all the way. She cried with him when he and the boys, got sent out, and then cried happy tears when they got signed by Simon Cowell. But not one call or text has she recieved and she hates him for that. As the year goes by Elena is known as the "bad girl" in Holmes Chapel, she drinks smokes and have one night stands. But what happens when she gets send to Harry and the boys for the summer. Will they bring the old her back? will a crush be developed or will Things just get worse?
(Mature content, no hate to 1D! There may be cursing, violent & sexual scenes!)


2. Hangover

Elenas P.O.V

I wake up with a sick hangover. I groan as i try to stand up, but instantly stop as I realise it's physically impossible. "Fuck" I mutter under my heavy breathing. I take a glance at my phone, before deciding to call my best friend, Diana. "Hey Fart!" She speeks loudly in the phone. "hhrrmphh" a weird noise comes out of my mouth, "No need to scream, you bum" "Well.. Well.. Someone has a hang, don't they" She laughs. "Hey, No need to mock! It was some strong shit, i got last night" I complain, "No wonder, it was Damon who hosted the party, should have been prepared" " Yeah.. Yeah.. Anyways Would you be the most fantalastic, bestie, in the whole world, and bring me a Starbucks hot choco? Pweeaasse" She sighs, but finally gives in "Yaaay! You are from now on the sexiest girl i know, besides me.. of course;)" " You are soooo weird!" She says " And that's why you love me" I giggle "Whatever, see ya babe" " Yep, see ya in 20 minutes, my bestie of best friends on the best friends list!" And with that I hung up, and dragged myself to the shower. After i did my shit in the bathroom(which by the way includes throwing up) I put my outfit of the day on; Blue hollister sweats, a white crop top that says, Belieber, and my beloved Black UGG's. In case you guys didn't know, my name is Elena Victoria Styles. Yes(secretly sighing) little sister of the big and famous Harry fucking Styles. Okay, people are probably thinking, why is she so mean to her big bro'? Truth is i don't like him. Wait delete that, don't like him is wayyy to softie. I despise him. I supported him through every audition on the X-Factor, we used to be best friends. That's until The wrong direction came by, and since then i haven't gotten one call or text. After he left i was devasted, i didn't go out for weeks, and when i finally did go out, i met my now BFF, Diana. She helped me through everything, all my hard periodes. She introduced me to all the fun people. I started drinking and smoking, just to forget how my Brother, best friend, my everything, didn't care about me anymore and that I had to move on. Since then i'm known as the "party girl", and honestly i love it.


"Finally you came! I thought you forgot Di" I say as she walks in, wearing a tight pair of skinny jeans and a printed top, with a black blazer over and a pair of boots with af little stud on it. "How could i forget, you've been texting me the last minutes writing, Dont forget my hot choco, over and over again" She sighs with a smile. "uupps.." I say innocently "Now where is my baby!?" I cry. "god.. Here you go my queen" "Well thank you my slave!" I quickly take a big sip of my baby, but regret it when I burn my tongue. "AHHH!!! OUCH! My fucking tongue!" I yell mad. Diana suddenly explode with fits of laughter, and soon i start laughing too. We stop when we hear the doorbell ring. I get up and open the door... And there he is standing...


My big Brother.


Author's Note

I will probably update again tomorrow!<33 Anyways love ya, for reading this fanfic.. UHH!.. and while your at it please favourite.

Peace out<333

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