You left, I changed (Editing)

What do you do, when the one you love the most is taken away from you? That's what happens to Elena Styles, yes Little sister of Harry Styles. 1/5 of One Direction. Ever since Harry became a part of One Direction, he hasn't contacted his family. And Elena hates him for that. She supported him through X-Factor all the way. She cried with him when he and the boys, got sent out, and then cried happy tears when they got signed by Simon Cowell. But not one call or text has she recieved and she hates him for that. As the year goes by Elena is known as the "bad girl" in Holmes Chapel, she drinks smokes and have one night stands. But what happens when she gets send to Harry and the boys for the summer. Will they bring the old her back? will a crush be developed or will Things just get worse?
(Mature content, no hate to 1D! There may be cursing, violent & sexual scenes!)


4. Badboy returns

Elena's P.O.V.


"Are you okay Elena?"A voice says, strangely familiar...


I turn my head, to see my ex standing there with a sly smile on his face. 

My breath starts to hitch, and I start getting nervous. I gulp loudly making him smirk. The first thought that comes into my mind is, 'run'. But of course my feelings take over my mind, and I just sit there frozen, fear overcoming my body by every second. Afraid that if I even flinch, he'll hurt me in some way. God! Say something you dumbass, you probably look like a complete twat right now. 

Oh! Right!

"Y-y-ye-yeah I-I'm fine.. Thanks." I say, finding it hard to concentrate by every step he takes. "I haven't seen you in a longgg time" He says pushing out the G. 

"Ehm.. Yeah. and. Ehm. Look I really need to go Derek. Ehm.-" I look around the park panically, searching for some kind of excuse to go. A guy with jet black hair catches my eye, and I quickly continue my ramble, "- my new boyfriend, is right over there. And. Ehm. He's probably looking for me.. so yeah. Bye!" I say pointing over at Zayn, who is standing there like he is trying to find somebody. 

"Oh! Cool. Mind if I meet this fantastic new boyfriend of yours. Gotta make sure he treats you right." Derek says adding a wink at the last part. I shudder in disgust, but quickly nod as an okay. If Zayn playing my boyfriend, is what I need to get away from this monster. Then so be it. Oh don't say that the idea of Zayn as your boyfriend, doesn't appeal to you. 

I decide to ignore the annoying voice in my head, and just quickly stroll over to Zayn. "Heyy, baby! Missed me?" I say putting my arms around his neck. I hug him and secretly whisper in his ear, "Play along, please" He squeezes me tighter, as if saying 'okay'.

I entwine Zayn's hand in mine, and turn around to present him to Derek, who's standing there looking.. A bit Angry? Jealous? Looks like both. He's always been quite protective. A bit too protective.


I was sitting at the bar, waiting for Derek to come back from the washroom. I casually take a sip from my tonic, while a guy takes a seat beside me. I look at him, and give him a nod. He says 'Hey' and asks for my name. I debate a bit with myself whether to tell him or not. But decide to do it. "Elena. You?" I say smiling.

"Jason, Jason McCan (sorry always had an obsession with him;P)" He says smiling friendly back at me. I stick my hand out to him, and say; 'Nice to meet you'. He takes it and shakes it. "You too, beautiful" He winks. I giggle, and shake my head taking another sip of my drink, instantly feeling a bit light headed. A loud cough comes behind me, as me and Jason chat. I turn my head a bit to see my boyfriend standing there, with a mad look on his face. "What's wro-" I barely get to finish my sentence, as he quickly says, "We're going. Now." Me being delusional, obviously not seeing the angry and jealous face he has, ask; "But why? We just came?" But instead of replying, he simply takes my hand, almost dragging me away from Jason, who I faintly heard yelling 'bye' over the loud music. Derek pushes the back door open, and drags me all the way to the car, not even bothering to open the door for me. "Rude" I mumble, and just quietly slip in my seat. The way home to my flat, our should I say our flat was quiet. But the minuet we walk inside the small, but cozy flat, he asks me who that guy was. I figure he was talking about Jason, so I casually say, "Jason" As if it was nothing. "What were you doing with him, eh? Are you cheating on me, you fucking whore!?" He yells brutally pushing me back at last. My eyes widen as I find it hard to speak. "Wha-What!? No of course not! You know I would never do that Derek!" I say a bit scared. "SHUT UP AND TELL ME THE TRUTH! ARE YOU FUCKING CHEATING ON ME YOU SLUT!?" He shouts full of rage. "NO, I'M NOT DEREK" I yell at him back, not being able to keep myself calm. A second after I feel my cheek burn, and I fall to the ground. It takes me a minuet to proceed, of what just happened. Derek punched me. He punched me. Tears soon started welling up my eyes as he starts kicking me, while I'm laying on the floor. He starts screaming loads of names at me, for every punch. "SLUT, UGLY, FAT, BITCH" It was like a never ending nightmare. As he stops, I try to sit up but fail miserably. He walks away smashing a vase, and slams the door shut to our bedroom. Sobs starts coming out of my mouth, and the only thing I could think is. Who was that? 

*end of flashback*

Zayn says his usual greeting, 'Vas' Happening' while Derek is still standing there, with an angry look on his face. He calmly nods and says, "What's up, bro'". That's the guy I remember falling for. The loving, sweet, calm and charming Derek, who looked like he couldn't hurt a fly. But people are never who they give out to be. And Derek certainly wasn't, but I just couldn't get myself to leave him. I guess somewhere deep down, I still had hope. Hope of the old him was magically going to come back. But after lots of bruising, I finally gave up. And just. Left. Not saying 'bye'. Not telling him anything. Just. Left. 

"We really need to go Derek. But it was good to see you again." I rush out. 

"Yeah. It really was Elena. We should really meet up sometime again. Maybe somewhere a little more private." He flirts, completely ignoring Zayn's presence. 

"Ehm.. Maybe. Bye." I walk away with Zayn, who is completely mute. I glance back at Derek, to see him taking peeps at me and Zayn. I stop and turn to face Zayn, face-to-face. I whisper to him, "Kiss me, other whys Derek won't believe it."

Zayn nods, and puts his hands on my waist, and put his soft lips on top of mine. A great feeling starts to flutter in my stomach, so I develop the kiss a bit, making his tongue swirl around mine. It quickly turns into a snog, without me and Zayn caring a bit if someone sees us. I close the little gap of air the was between us, and press my chest against his. He slides his hand down to my ass, and make sure to squeeze it. I withdraw from the kiss, licking my lips to savor the taste of him, while trying to catch my breath. 

"Let's go to the car." Zayn's hoarse voice says, as I'm still trying to catch my breath. He starts walking with a small smile on his lips, while taking my hand and entwining are fingers. On the way to the summerhouse, that's still unknown to me, it's quiet. I honestly don't think we knew what to say. Though even if I want to say I didn't enjoy the kiss, it's probably impossible. Because that kiss. Was one of the best ones of my entire life. And that says a lot. Do you know how many boys I've kissed? Let's just say I've lost count by now. After all I am Elena Styles.






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