The Moon(OneDirectionFantasyFanfic)

The British/Irish band, One direction, has everything perfect. But one day, they must face the secret of Harry. Does the band stay together, or does it break? Read it in this movella.


1. The presents



I was sitting in the hotel. Where was Louis? ''Why doesn't he come?!'' I yell.

''Relax, Harry, he can be here any minute.'' Niall says.

''Sorry! I'm late!'' Louis walks into the room.

'Where were you?'' I ask.

''In the mall.....i have a present for you all!''

Louis grabs someting out the bag.

What is in that bag?

''This one is for Zayn.''

Zayn opens the present.

Out of the paper, comes a silver looking mirror.

A small one, but a pretty one.

''Thanks man!'' Zayn says. 

Louis grabs another one.

''Uuuhm....Liam! This is the one for you!''

Liam opens his present.

It's a vork.....a simple vork.....nothing else but a normal vork.

''Uuuhm....Thanks...'' says Liam.

''No! That's not everything! Look at the note!''

Liam reads the note out loud:

''Go to the pet store! You get....a free turtle!!! YEAHJJ! A turtle!'' Liam yells.

''Niall, this is yours!'' 

He grabs a bag with Nando's.

Niall starts eating.

''Now the one of Harry! Here you go!''

He hands me a big package.

I open it.

It's a shirt, with text on it.

Niall reads it.

''Hapiness is not having the best of everything you want. It's making the best of everything you've got.''

''Aahw! Thanks!'' I said, ''Why did you do this?''

All of the boys nod.

''I don't know, I ques i just wanted to surprise you guys.''

And he did.

We are happy with our presents.

''Are you guys ready for the concert?'' Liam says.


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