Me and 1D....

It was a life she only dreamed about, a love she never thought cold happen, and a tragedy she never knew existed. Maya Walker is the prime example of a plain and anti-social fifteen year old girl. When an unexpected trip to see her favorite band, One Direction approaches her, Maya's ordinary life is suddenly turned upside-down when her parents get into an accident. Suddenly Maya is staying in the UK with five not-so-normal teenage boys. What could possibly happen?


1. Ready For Take Off

Maya's P.O.V

"Welcome to France|" The lady said over the intercom.

I sighed, rolling my eyes and falling into the first seat in the terminal area. The place smelled of old washed out chairs and sweat, with the hit of a evergreen smell. It made me gag. My name is Maya, I guess you could call me your average, if possible, fifteen year old girl. My head pounded and my stomach churned from my last flight and I felt like I was going to be sick.

Despite the sweep of nausea I felt, I was actually thoroughly enjoying myself. I was traveling to the U.K. for the full week. Thinking that this was a family sort of event, I was quite pleased to hear only a week before that we were travelling. I had always admired the U.K. for it brilliant elegance of culture, mostly food. But when my father told me the real reason why we would be going, I did a flip.

My dad is a long term business consultant. He travels the states, and was recently promoted at his company for working their for over ten years. With that, his boss, god bless his soul, offered him an 'Exchange' Opportunity to travel here, which my dad took advantage of seeing as one of my favourite bands came from Britain. One Direction.

Don't get me wrong, I'm elastic about this. But I completely forgot that we had to take a plane in order to get to here, so far I've had a pretty awful, no wait, horrible plane ride. Due to the fact I have fear of planes, heights, and low air pressures, the long flight to get to France killed me!

As we waited for our flight to be called, I sat in a old seat, waiting anxiously as my finger shook. "Maya, you look sick, go buy yourself some water okay?'' My mom said, handing e a five dollar bill.

"Thanks." I said taking the money. " Abby Olivia do you want anything?" I turned to ask my thirteen and twelve year old sisters. Abby was the second oldest, and Olivia the youngest of us all. They shook their heads, no in their response so I walked away from my family.

The concession stand was a lot farther away than I thought, taking up most of my time. As soon as I found one I raced into line, making sure that no one got in front of me. I felt me stomach getting worse each moment I stood there.

"Next". The man called from the stands. His accent was thick, and I pondered of the thought of having an lovely accent like that. Americans had this awful cringe type of accent, and I would kill for anyone but it.

He coughed, snapping me back to reality. "Oh um, one water please" I said handing the man the money.

Immediately after he set out the water and change I grabbed them both and quickly walked off. I chugged that water so fast, that be the time I stopped to take a breathe I was half-way done. I took a moment to calm myself before me thoughts were interrupted.

"The Flight from France to UK will be leaving in ten minutes" The land announced .

"Shoot" I mumbled, as much as I didn't want to get back on the plane, I knew my mom would be angry if I was late. I quickly dashed back to my gate. But, being as clumsy and unaware as I am, I accidentally  ran into someone, spilling my water. 

Great going Maya. Shoot, I am so sorry!" I nervously shook. " Um, here, I have a napkin!" I said holding it out to the person I just collided with.

When I glanced up to see who it was, I was frozen I ce cream treat. My heart stopped beating. It seemed like the space around my stood still. Here, standing before me was none other than, Harry Styles, His beautiful dark brown locks slightly hid his pale green eyes. I pinched myself to make sure I wasn't dreaming.

 Holy. Cheese.

Sorry love, It was my fault." He said taking my napkin, and smiling a bit. "Thank you."

"No, it was mine." I stuttered. "I was my fault, I'm such a clumsy person." He did a slight laugh and started to wipe the water from his shirt.

"The Flight from France to the UK will be leaving in five minutes."

"Crap." I groaned, frustration slurring from my lips. I felt bad about spilling water on him, so I quickly took the extra change from my pocket and handed it to him. "Here, but yourself something with this\!" I didn't even give him a second to refuse before I dashed off.


"Maya, What the hell took you so long!?" My mother demanded as she saw me, her eyes narrowed at me, It was like dagger slicing my skin.

"Sorry, I um-" I started to answer, but I cut myself off.  She would never believe me though, my mom never did. I was a great liar, I had been since I was very young. Though this was something she would never actually believe, even when I was telling the truth.

"Yes?" She asked her voice raising.

I coughed. "Well, I think I just bumped into Harry Styles."

She dropped a brow. " Harry Styles? You mean the one from One Direction?"

My mother wasn't a huge fan like me, although she did fancy Louis quite well."No mum, Harry styles that works at the gas station." I responded sarcastically. "Yes from One Direction!"

"You're dreaming" Olivia said as she grabbed her bag.

"You would know shorty, you weren't even with me." I snapped back.

"Shut the fuck up okay?" she hiss quietly as she slid past me. Even though Olivia was only twelve, she had a mouth like a teenager. She probably got it from me, considering I swear like a sailor.

"I swore it was his, I'm telling you guys it really happened." I protested.

"Cut it out, go grab your things, we need to get in line!" My mother said, ignoring the arguing that was going on. This is how she always was. My mom was one of those people that was quickly to the point, do this, do that, make sure that is right, It was quite annoying.

I quickly grabbed my bag which had everything I was going to need to survive this flight. My newly charged iPod, seventeen Magazines, and some Gummy Worms that I slipped in my jean pocket.

"Okay everyone, here our your tickets. hang onto them." My dad said carefully, as he handed them to us. We had the unfortunate luck of being the last people to board the plane. Somehow, my family ended four people ahead of me. I stood there silently and rocked back and forth on my heels.

I swear, it was Harry Styles I saw earlier. It had to be.


As soon as they clicked my ticket, I dashed my way through the tunnel until I was at the front of the plane. I looked around, there was no where to sit. Abby and Olivia were already sitting with my mom, and my dad sat next to some old couple. Great, I would have to sit by some random stranger.

"Miss there's a seat next to the gentlemen in the back" The bouncy flight attended pointed.

As soon as I saw who it was, I blushed bright red.

There sitting in the back of the plane, was One Direction.



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