My little list of Pet Peeves

Well... The title explains it all :) My list of the worst possible pet peeves I have that I hate. Feel free to lol in the middle of reading this story ;)


4. School Pet Peeves

Seriously? We all have em, and I'm going to uncover a few. I hate it when the teacher gives us HW on Fridays. Come on, FRIDAYS?! You expect us to do HW on THE WEEKEND?!!Now you're just asking for the-dog-ate-mah-homework excuse. I hate when the subs are so dumb and don't even know what to teach us. Hello? Do we have to spell them out for ya?? Math, Reading, Science, Yadayadayada... I hate when a teacher doesn't like you for no reason. I mean, maybe you sibling did something or the teacher an old enemy with my dad, but whatever!! It not my fault!! Don't hate on me!! I hate it when there's one kid in class is the "star pupil." I mean, the teacher LOVES her to death and it's all like: Teacher: Take out your HW from yesterday, everyone! Star Pupil: Excuse me, but I "accidentally" left it at home! Teacher: Oh no, it's fine! You're just so darn adorable I won't give you detention or anything!! Regular Student: Uh, I forgot my HW too!! Teacher: That's it, DETENTION!!!!!! D:< See what I mean? I hate bullies, school lunches, when Mom forgets your dessert in your lunch box, when your friends all say you have a crush on someone you clearly DON'T, and when possibly the nerdiest guy on the whole planet like YOU. Aaaaaaaarrgh, right?   

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