My little list of Pet Peeves

Well... The title explains it all :) My list of the worst possible pet peeves I have that I hate. Feel free to lol in the middle of reading this story ;)


3. Car Pet Peeves

It friggin gets ta me when my fave song comes on the radio as SOON as we park in the garage. Why!!!!!!!!!!????!!!!!  Why does Dad have to crank up the radio so loud? It's like blaring out of the speakers, Dad. You're not a teenager anymore: Get Over It. And Mom, you literally crank the volume sooooo low, I can't hear ANYTHING. Yet you say there's some music playing, that she can hear it. Either Mom has microscopic ears, or she's just messing with me. I suspect the latter. Why do I have to wait till I'm 16 to drive? Dad says its because we're too young to pay good attention to the road. And 16 yr old teenagers are??? They're getting boyfriends and going to parties all the time; I doubt they're paying much attention in Drivers Ed. No wonder we have so many accidents all the time. 


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