The Dragon

When Georgina set's out to rescue her brother from being sacrificed, she has no idea what the fates have in store for her.


2. Two

A sudden gust of wind picks up, pushing me to the stony earth. I drag Daniel underneath me to protect him.

The wind quickly becomes a miniature tornado, a hazy dark shape forming in its centre.  Leaves swirl around it in a frenzied dance.

The wind stops as suddenly as it started, depositing a slight woman swathed in black silk, with deep set eyes that twinkle maliciously, and a sparkling tiara coated in a fine diamond dust.

The Queen’s omniscient face turns to me, her eyes pulsing hypnotically.

“Georgina” she hisses in one thousand dead voices. “Georgina… you have displeased me greatly. How dare you kill four of my top guards, and kidnap the sacrifice.” She turns to Daniel, who is panting in terror at my side, enclosed by my arm.

The Queen turns her head back to me again. “You shall be punished. Oh yesss; you shall suffer greatly” she lisps with excitement.

She raises a shaking hand to point a sharp black nailed finger at Daniel, who is quivering uncontrollably like a frightened puppy.

“RUN” I yell at him, as I throw myself into the Queen’s path with all my might. Or I should say as I try to: a rock solid invisible barrier blocks me from my target, and pins me to the frozen dirt.

Daniel is hoisted into the air, to my chocking horror, by his ankle. The Queen dangles him over me without twitching a finger, smiling in relish as we both scream. Out of nowhere a spark springs to life, nestling itself in Daniel’s hair. His screams of fear turn to agony as the fire licks its way up his body from his face, until nothing is left but salt and ash and a hollow echo not dissimilar to that of a gosling giving up with a wretched whine after a cat had clawed out its innards.

The Queen switches off the barrier that had me pined to the ground, and scatters his ashes across my face, where they catch in my throat and burn my eyes.

Gone. My little Daniel. Gone forever.

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