The Dragon

When Georgina set's out to rescue her brother from being sacrificed, she has no idea what the fates have in store for her.


3. Three

The Queen flashes me a grin, then turns on her heal, the whirl wind starting up again.

Not so fast.

You have taken away my brother.

Now I have nothing left to lose.

Big mistake.

I pull out the dagger from the heal of my boot, and hurl it at her head.

But she doesn’t even flinch,  just catches it in the air, and sends it back. It freezes inches from my face.

She turns back, slowly, her face carrying a hint of mild amusement.

“Still, she doesn’t learn” she murmurs, and drags me toward her with an unstoppable force. I try to find some leverage by clinging desperately onto the protruding roots of a tree, however my attempts are in vain, for half the tree is ripped up as a result, and it now feels as though my left arm has been torn out of its socket.

“Kill me then!” I whisper savagely at her, once she has pulled me right up against her face. I puncture my words by retching up the little that was inside my stomach onto her pristine clothes.

“Ohh, you’ll be wishing you were dead by the time I am finished with you. Wishing you were dead” Her lips twitch into a faint, faint attempt at a genuine smile, then a crushing darkness takes over, as the wind hurls us hundreds of leagues in seconds.

The next thing I know, I am lying in a crumpled heap on the cold floor of the interior of the Queen’s palace.

“The ceremony will be ready within the hour your majesty” a gruff voiced beast of a man greets us. He slings me over his shoulder as though he has been carrying around screaming, crying, kicking girls all his life.

I find myself being locked into a dark, damp dungeon cell. The iron door swings shut with a loud clang.

No sooner had the guard left me, a dreamy voice whispered to my right: “So you’re the new dragon then”

I turn sharply towards the floating voice, and am confronted with a face pressed right up against my own. I yelp back in surprise. A gaunt figure of about my own height stares back at me, pupils filling up most of her eyes, face covered in swirling black tattoos and nasty, bloody scars. She clings to the rusty bars either side of her face with filthy, torn hands, fingernails ragged as though the has scratched them into the floor.

She is panting, her huge pupils dilating and expanding rapidly, like they are slipping in and out of focus.

“It was only a matter of time” she sings in a whisper. “Only a matter of time. I’m just not strong enough you see?”

“W-what?” I stutter “who are you?”

She ignores my question, as if she didn’t even here it.  “Only a matter of time. And now I have a replacement” her body convulses like she has been punched with an invisible force. “Only a matter of time” she mummers again, to herself this time.

I look past her, into her cell. It is covered with human excrement, and scratched drawings of… Cities? Villages? Forests form above?

Her mutterings about the dragon suddenly dawn upon me, with a sick sense of unreality.

“Are you… are you the dragon?”

Her eyes snap back in focus, and she lets out a feral snarl.

“They took my body, took my body and trapped me… TRAPPED ME” she squeals.

With an almighty bang, the door to my cell swings open, and the dragon falls to the floor, quivering with a power she can’t control.

In that second, I make my decision.

I run.

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