Dear Niall...

Sydney Lawrence has always wanted to tell to Niall Horan. But she is so shy to tell him. So she always wrote it in her Diary. Once they got together, Sydney just figured out that she has leukemia. Niall didn't know about this, but one day he'll be. What will happen till the end?


3. Chapter 3

- Sydney's P.O.V -

Dear Niall,
        Ohkay. I met you again today! Happy and sad at the same time because your girlfriend keep sending me death glares. She thinks I'm flirting with or you're flirting with me. And you will never ever going to have or have a crush on me because...I'm not even pretty nor gorgeous. And oh, your girlfriend's really perfect! I hope you last forever...

Love always,
Sydney ♥

I closed my diary and header to school. You don't know what 's happening to me at school..I was being bullied by the school's most popular girl.

I didn't want my mom to know about about this especially Niall.

Chapter 3 everyone! :) Ohkay so for the next chapters, im only going to write Sydney's 'Dear Niall's' okay? And soo it'll be Niall ;) Bye. Kik me, /austinalexandnialls Bye byeeeee


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