Dear Niall...

Sydney Lawrence has always wanted to tell to Niall Horan. But she is so shy to tell him. So she always wrote it in her Diary. Once they got together, Sydney just figured out that she has leukemia. Niall didn't know about this, but one day he'll be. What will happen till the end?


2. Chapter 2

Song of the chapter:
Lego House - Ed Sheeran

- Sydney -

I woke up the next morning so i went to the bathroom. I locked the door, and ripped myself naked. After it, i wrapped the towel around my body and brushed my teeth. I wore my Splash Dyed hoodie, my boohoo paloma ripped jeans,my Hi Shoe Vans and my 'SWAG' bracelet.

I picked up my bag,and stopped. I saw my diary and a smile curved my lips. I put it in my bag and headed my way downstairs.

I finished eating and left the house. While walking, i saw some girls, sluts maybe? Looking and mumbling bout me. I turned my gaze to them and just rolled their eyes. So what now? Niall is with his bandmates, my bestfriends left me because i'm a slut. No,im not. I think i'm going to eat alone at lunch. 

I went to my first class,Math. I sat down next to my enemy,LG. Yea, her name is LG. Weird right?

I finished math and went home. I grabbed my diary from my bag and wrote...

Dear Niall,
       I went to school today. I saw some girls mumbling and glaring at me. I couldn't help myself but just continued walking. Actually, it hurts me. Because, you are in your singing career and with your bandmates and my bestfriends left me because they think im a slut. I need you. But i can't. I'm out of love. I'm nobody. I sometimes i think i just deserved to die. But no. I can't because you're probably be sad. Maybe. Bye for now. :)


After it, i opened up my Twitter. I laughed out loud at some directioners tweeting some funny things. I checked my mentions and saw...

@LGsprettyyy: @Sydneyisdaname you are so ugl7 i h0p3 y0u Ünd3r$ta@nd th@t.

WHAT?! i only understand 'you are so' what the actual heck? So i replied,

@Sydneyisdaname: @LGspretyyy Please write properly. :) x

And she replied...

@LGspretyyy: @Sydneyisdaname k.

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAAH!" I laughed super loud. I don't know why.

Once my laughter died, i loath to reply because im too tired. I shut my MacBook down and popped on my bed.


Hay guise!! :D So, it's 7:36pm and im still in my uniform. Thanks for your feedbacks i really appreaciate it. And go check out my 'Babysitting with Niall Horan' book!! It's in popular 2nd page. I really cried. Thank you guys!! ilysm btw, sydney's clothe. >>>>>





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