Dear Niall...

Sydney Lawrence has always wanted to tell to Niall Horan. But she is so shy to tell him. So she always wrote it in her Diary. Once they got together, Sydney just figured out that she has leukemia. Niall didn't know about this, but one day he'll be. What will happen till the end?


1. Chapter 1

Song of the chapter:
Skyscaper - Demi Lovato

- Sydney -

It was cold in London. I felt my hair hanging on my back. I decided to write in my diary. 

Dear Niall,
      I know you wouldn't see this, but i just wanted to tell you that you changed me. The Sydney before is a badass,a jerk. But now, the Sydney now is, a good,humble,kind girl. As i assume. I know we're bestfriends since we're still babies,yea. I like you, but i don't wanna risk our friendship. And i know that you don't like me,because i'm ugly and fat. You can find you're real princess. Treat her right. Be loyal to her. That's all. I love you.


I finished it and drifted off sleeping.


jeez,i know i know. it sucks. btw, thanks for all the comments. ily

-jullianna :)


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