I'm all alone- the realization hits me like a slap in the face. No mom, no dad...
Raven has always had the perfect family, until, all of a sudden, it falls apart. Hope you lovelys like this!!!! Only my first movella, so please give criticism, but I don't mind the good comments either :) I've always wanted to read about this, so... Wish me luck!!
Thank you Loving1D_23 for the amazing cover!


1. Thoughts on a Sleepless Morning

I'm all alone-the reality hits me like a slap in the face. I'm Raven. The only things I love are my  mom, my dad, and my little sister, Dove, and now two of em were dead. Dead, I think, why? Stupid drunk driver for killing Mom, Stupid Dad for killing himself, Stupid, Stupid, Stupid!!!!!!!!!! I trashed around in the bed thinking all these thoughts. We were a perfect family once-me, the perfect daughter, Mom, the perfect mom, and Dad, the perfect dad. Mom died that cold, September night, by a drunk driver. Dad died a warm, June, morning, by the hands of himself. 

I still think of him, how he could have killed himself with scissors. Scissors. Scissors! It didn't make sense to me how something they teach you how to use in kindergarten, can later kill your dad's life. Why? Why? Why?!!!!! I sometimes think to myself how Dad was crazy enough to leave us alone. Parentless. Killing himself by CHOICE. Dad just couldn't handle it, I think. He couldn't. Why?


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