I'm all alone- the realization hits me like a slap in the face. No mom, no dad...
Raven has always had the perfect family, until, all of a sudden, it falls apart. Hope you lovelys like this!!!! Only my first movella, so please give criticism, but I don't mind the good comments either :) I've always wanted to read about this, so... Wish me luck!!
Thank you Loving1D_23 for the amazing cover!


5. The Day Dad Died: Continued

A couple hours later in math class, while I was filling out a useless trigonometry page, I got the phone call. I headed down to the office, picked up the cheap,plastic pay phone, and waited. I listened as the tragedy played itself into words, droning into my ear. It was just like the other phone call, but this time, I didn't cry. Not there, not at that moment. Just sat there in the office, thinking about absolutely nothing. I left school early. The secretary, Miss Burlin, just stared at me as I walked calmly out the door, yet she didn't stop me. I didn't care. I got out my bike, and pedaled the whole, long, way there. When I got there, I stopped. I threw my bike against a tree and ran all the way. I passed dozens and dozens of gray, cold tombstones, but I was only looking for one. I saw it. I stopped. My breaths coming in short, ragged puffs. This was it. A tombstone, engraved with the words, Larissa Jane Wrighton. I suddenly dropped to the ground, arms wrapped over my head, tears streaming down my face. I let out one, piercing wail. Then, I continued to cry. I touched the tomb with my fingers, pawing at it, foolishly hoping that she would come back, to no avail. I finally stopped, and laid my head down on the ground. I fell asleep at my mothers tomb that night.

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