I'm all alone- the realization hits me like a slap in the face. No mom, no dad...
Raven has always had the perfect family, until, all of a sudden, it falls apart. Hope you lovelys like this!!!! Only my first movella, so please give criticism, but I don't mind the good comments either :) I've always wanted to read about this, so... Wish me luck!!
Thank you Loving1D_23 for the amazing cover!


2. The Accident

Mom. Her voice speaks in my head. "Going to pick something up for the baby. Bye!" I heard the door slam, and knew she was gone. The day before, Dove Elouise Wrighton was born. It was the happiest moment of our lives. It is ironic that the happiest moment in our lives, happened right before the worst. I remember the phone call. "Hello Ma'am?Is this the Wrighton residence?" Sergeant Blasky's deep voice boomed in my ear. "Y-yes..." I said, timidly, not expecting the tragedy coming next. "Well miss, your mother happens to be dead." Blunt, not showing even a hint of sympathy. I almost drop the phone. "What?" I have lost my timidness, curiosity replacing it. "I'm afraid you heard me. Now is your father there?" I don't say a word, just hand it to Dad. I watch his face, looking for any windows looking inside. This is perhaps my talent: Reading People. I prefer reading people to reading books. His face only shows shock. He says, losing the usual cheeriness in his voice, "Yes sir, goodbye sir, I'll do that, sir," and hangs up. He then gives me a long speech of sorts, saying that he's taking double full-time shifts at the office, so we (Me and Dove) won't see him often. I don't listen to a word he's saying, just registering his monotone voice, the look of shock on his face a moment ago, and the fact Mom had just died in a car wreck by a drunk driver. He then leaves, for work I guess, and I stand there, not moving, not even noticing that Dove is crying in her pram in the corner, probably from a dirty diaper or being hungry, but it's as if she's crying from this tragic news as well. Mom. Dead. Drunk driver. These are the only things I think about. I remember her smile, her laugh, her auburn hair blazing in the sunlight, how she always laughed when Dove had a dirty diaper, how she barely ever used her iPhone, just using it to call us. I remember all these things, and then, I lay down, and cry. 

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