I'm all alone- the realization hits me like a slap in the face. No mom, no dad...
Raven has always had the perfect family, until, all of a sudden, it falls apart. Hope you lovelys like this!!!! Only my first movella, so please give criticism, but I don't mind the good comments either :) I've always wanted to read about this, so... Wish me luck!!
Thank you Loving1D_23 for the amazing cover!


3. How We Mended

We didn't, really. We just went on with life. I was 11 when Mom had died, and Dove had been 1 day old. Just one day. Now I was 12, and Dove was only one. A year had passed, and we didn't mend a bit. Dad didn't meet a hot new girl and he didn't marry her. We didn't become the perfect new family and forget all about Mom. It's all like that in the movies, and I just wanna say that's FRIGGIN WRONG. It hurts, more than anything. Dad buried himself in his work, became a workaholic. I barely ever saw him. He called, but he wasn't the same anymore. He didn't smile, didn't laugh. Didn't tell his cheesy old jokes, not even his favorite repeat: Why didn't the lion eat the clown? 'Cause he tasted funny! Yup, not even that one. He always left super early in the morning, and came back super late. He would think that we were asleep, but I always heard his footsteps pounding outside, the door opening, slam close, and him shuffle up the stairs, into his room. That's where he stayed when he was at home and not at the office, which was really never. I honestly didn't know where he worked. I knew before, but I forgot, and he never tells me anything anymore. It's all work, work, work with him and I hated it. I used to have loved him, but I think that it faded away soon after. I went to school every morning, pretending that life was the same as before, lying to all my friends about Mom, saying she was on a business trip or something. Even so, I slowly became an introvert and pretty soon I was the one kid who sits alone at the lunch table, all by herself in the cafeteria of Littleton Middle. I was pretty much the only one taking care of Dove, taking her to daycare, picking her up, feeding her, playing with her, kissing her goodnight and tucking her in. I gradually became the makeshift-mom, fitting the role as time went by. All Dad did was pay the bills. I cooked dinner, cleaned the house, went to the bank and put my own money in Dove's college account. Dad did nothing, and I hated him. 

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