Dream Land

Dreams, Dream land.


1. Dreamland

Dreams sweet dreams

fantasies strange and wonderful

conjured visions of mind the magician

weaved the fabric of magic land dreamland.


The dreamland our own magic land

the land no one can trespass

a joyous cruise on  waves of happy seas

a pleasant sail on loving memories.


Sadness and bitterness anger and fear

make the dreamland a scary land

hope and faith calm and quiet

stretch the land to enchanted jungles and castles. 


Search the dreamland for play houses and palaces

decorate with festoons of colorful dream flowers

invite  sweet melodies and dancing dolls

banish passions the monsters from dreamland.


Universe sends hints

wishes and desires manifest in dreams

in riddles of myriad forms

to give clues and strength to understand.


Cherish your dreams in dreamland

pursue with vigor with a clear mind

the dreamland materializes as if by magic wand.


Every one has his or her own dreams

good will and sincere effort make them true

the journey takes to long path

that merges past present and future.


I saw my dreamland

a long path of white marble pebbles 

with majestic mountains rising high

swishing waters flowing by.


A never ending path  I  tread

but the goal is clear in my sight

my royal soul a pure light brilliant and cool

waits to brighten my image of darker lower self

lift it to glorious higher ideal self.

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