My name? No one here has a name. We do, however, have number sequences. I am 1224335.667. Everyone calls me 1224. We're not human, not at all. We're more like, robots. Physically, and mentally. My adventure begins here


3. Chapter 2

I get up from the creaky bed and survey my surroundings, like always. It was a habit, to examine our environment before getting comfortable. The chandelier hangs, still and unmoved, on the metal chain attached to the ceiling. The chandelier never moves, an object defying gravity. That's how you know if it's made by The Landing. If it defies nature around you, and all the forces hidden within. My bed lies in a corner smushed up to the glass wall, a window to the world for me to look through. I like it this way. Even though the bed creaks, the gray covers are drab, and the pillow is far from comfy, made from the cheapest fabric there is, this is my home. It suits me just fine. I'm used to it, really. My female is possibly the cheapest living thing alive. She only forks over the money to make the home glassy and modern, show-offy, as humans say. None used for practical reasons. Like proper furniture, I think, a grumble slipping from my throat. I stroll into the shower, turning the old temperature knobs. Finally, hot water comes crashing down. I embrace it, putting my arms up, eyes closed, face absorbing the waves of water falling into my face. Life is perfect in the shower. After that, I hurriedly rub some of the attractive, yet horrid soap into my palms and start cleaning up. When I get out, I quickly change into my school uniform. It's a shiny, well-fitted, silver bodysuit. Rather bland, really. Then again, I have been wearing this thing for two, extremely long years. I tug on my matching silver boots, put my long, red hair into my usual bun, and head off.

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