My name? No one here has a name. We do, however, have number sequences. I am 1224335.667. Everyone calls me 1224. We're not human, not at all. We're more like, robots. Physically, and mentally. My adventure begins here


2. Chapter 1

As the sky turns orange and pink, ablaze with the colors of sunrise, I wake up. My number is 1224357, but call me 1224. I stare out the glass wall, taking in all of this land. I now live in Cadian, the capital of the Cantawn Province. The wealthiest province on the world. Saying in the world would be incorrect, because we are not exactly inside the world. My mind is programmed to think  like this. I am a robot, through & through, inside & out, mentally & physically. I used to live in The Orphan Shelter, for children who didn't have guardians to take care of them. My male guardian died in an atomic bomb explosion while digging for gems. He worked in The Gem Recollection Center. A very high, esteemed place to work. The Landing believes the terrorists are responsible. I didn't mourn over my guardian's death;these things happen. I mustn't waver because of them. All children are to be raised by two guardians: a male guardian and a female guardian. I know only lived with my female one, which was incorrect;it didn't provide balance. I was whisked to The Orphan Shelter. I never saw my female guardian again. I was then picked, two weeks later, by a couple who wanted a child from The Orphan Shelter. I sigh as I remember our meeting. Me eying them, them eying me. After all of us were satisfied, I was flown away to their personal shelter, ready to live here as long as it was satisfying for The Landing. And it was. I have been living here for two years, going to the local Education Center, and getting accustomed to my new peers. I became good acquaintances with a girl who had long mousy-brown hair and hazel eyes. My current male guardian is 1106784. He has dark brown hair styled in a slight quiff, with dark brown eyes to match. He is funny, nice, and great once you get to know him. A good guardian. My female guardian is 1210989. She has a short temper, beady, almost black eyes, and very long, jet black hair. No wisps, no split ends. No single hair out of place. She has an icy cold voice, which I despise. How could these to two people ever end up together? Did The Pairing Committee really pair these two together? They met 1688326, the girl I liked, and decided I could stay with her at The Education Center and it wouldn't bother them. Her personality is kind, warm, and loving and caring to almost everything on our planet. Even insects, which I couldn't care the least about. I sighed as I went over all my thoughts(part of our relaxation therapy) as I then started to get ready for The Education Center. 

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