My name? No one here has a name. We do, however, have number sequences. I am 1224335.667. Everyone calls me 1224. We're not human, not at all. We're more like, robots. Physically, and mentally. My adventure begins here


1. Prologue

No one here has a name. No one here looks alike. No one here is imperfect. 

Everyone here follows the same rules. Everyone here looks beautiful. Everyone here has a number sequence for a name. Everyone here is perfect. 

My number is 1224357. Everyone calls me 1224. I go to The Education Center, like everyone else, everyday, from 1pm to 4pm. We don't stay long;we're already virtually perfect. We learn robotics, math, reading, science, and history. My best friend is 1688326. My life has always been normal and boring, until it started to get interesting...

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