Trying to save a dying Light is impossible. Trying to replace that Light is harder. The sun isn't the only star out there, and their isn't only one type of human. Darkness leaks through the planet, obstructing thousands from their view of the stars. It's only when a star falls down, when the fight begins. Even if the light that there is, is only a glimmer. It provides something that the planet lacks; hope.


1. Prologue

There were such people as wanderers, those who roamed the streets with little hope in their hearts, but a lot of thoughts in their minds. They watch the lights, as they dim and flicker, as they are changed and replaced. It’s something that you see every day; the removal of Lights, but they never fall down – they just disappear. They broadcast themselves so effortlessly promoting themselves with little to no care about the damage that the light has to the world. It’s only when these lights fade, that you can see the darkness of the shell left behind. You may still see the light, but that incandescent light can only hide that person that lies beneath the star of their creation. These creatures lurk under the glow. They prey on the darkness, regurgitating the light back to the planet.

But they can’t last forever.

The hole that they have dug for themselves is getting deeper every day, with the constant need to change stars and gather more lights. This seems like a strange habit, nobody appreciates the Lights anymore. They were too common amongst the upper class to be treasured by everyday folk.

The lights obviously weren’t lacklustre, they held the idealistic shape to hold and control the planet. These are inherited.


Every light dies, but it takes millions of years for their light to be removed from the sky. But when they do, what is there left for the dying human that lies within the empty shell?

It begins to wander.

The spirit and soul do not possess the light to preserve its form; they can only glimmer in the natural world, not shine. And all those who knew them – the person that once too sparkled – have to watch the suffering, the death and decay of a former star.

Perhaps one day they’ll return to the sky. But for now, they have to experience the one thing that they are against.


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