someone like me

Insecurities made me build up these walls surrounding me. I've never seen myself as beautiful. Even though many have told me so. I guess I guess I just believe in my flaws more. Payton Willioms, when will you ever change?

Inspired by a song by Kings Of Leon : Use Somebody


1. about payton willioms

So i guess i have to tell you the story now right? Well ok... but dont get too overwhelmed, some parts of my life may get a little violent. Well... here goes nothing.

But first , here's the background info you might need : 

Payton and her family lives in an apartment big enough to fit all 4 them. Her twin brothers and her mom, Kyle, Willous and Gienna. Her paremts divorced she was 15 and her brothers were 7. Back then, they dont have much so they live on whatever they had. Payton was bullied in school but she never told anyone, however, her brothers did found out but she made them swear not to tell mom. Now she is 17 and living a hell of a life after they moved to Atlanta after her mom got a new and better job at a company.

Ok now the real story. 




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