Me and you

Just read to find out..


1. Chapter one

  I was laying down on the couch. After, along stressful day at work. Just singing classes that are not respectful gave me a headache. In total I have four singing classes. One of the classes has a record breaking total of forty students. My wonderful boyfriend, Conrad was coming over. He is everything to me. We have been dating for almost three and a half years. I have always been wondering when he was going to pop the question. 
   I got up and unlocked the door. He put his arms around my waist and kissed my neck.
"How was your day at work babe?" I asked.
"It was good what about yours?"
"Very stressful." He sat on the couch, as I sat down. I was getting up and all of a sudden Conrad pulled me back to the couch. 
"Babe you need to relax." He said.
"Well I need to eat something before I starve to death." I responded.
"We are going out tonight." He said sounding excited.
"Where to?"
"Cant say. Its a surprise." We got in to the car and we were there in about twenty minutes. I wore a black pencil skirt and black tank top. My light brown hair was curled and put in to a hair tie. I put on clear lip gloss. We ordered dinner, he got the chicken parmesan, I got the spaghetti. After, we ate we ordered desert we got an ice cream sundae with caramel and fudge with sprinkles. Before they brought it out, he got down on one knee and said: …
"I know we have been together for a very long time. I want you to know, I love you with all my heart. You are perfect to me, you are everything to me. I never want to lose you. Will you please make me the happiest man on earth and marry me?"
"Yes. Conrad a million times yes." I said holding back the tears . The whole restaurant was clapping. After, we ate our desert we went back to my house. 
  I was really tired so I went up stairs, Conrad was following me. I changed in to a white tank top, and blue shorts. Finally, I climbed in to bed he was already laying down. I placed my head on his chest, my arm over his stomach. He had his arms protectively around me. Conrad pulled the blanket over top of me. We were both fast asleep I felt soft warm lips on my forehead. 
•beep beep beep beep•
It was 7:30am and I found a note from Conrad that said: "Gemma sorry I had to get to work love you forever and always. Be back tonight. P.S. I laid out your clothes for you.
       Love, Conrad xoxo." Everything was perfect. Conrad texted me "Ill be over in an hour."
•Two hours later•
"Babe where are you?" I texted back.
"Im at home."
"You said you were coming over in an hour." He was at my house in ten minutes. I opened the door and he walked in. He swung me around with my back to him.
"Im sorry baby please forgive me."
"Yes I forgive you." I turned around and kissed his soft lips. We decided to watch a few movies since it was friday night. In the middle of the second movie i fell asleep. My head laid on his chest and he always put his arms protectively around me. We woke up to a knock at the front door. 
"Ill get it." Conrad whispered in my ear. When he opened the door, it was my nasty selfish ex boyfriend Caden.
"Hello." Was all Conrad could get out.
"Where is GEMMA?" Caden screams.
"Who are you?" Con asked. 
"Im Caden, Gemma's ex boyfriend."
"I can see why she left you, you are ugly as fuck and sound really nasty." Thats when I woke up. I headed down stairs. 
"Gemma I still love you baby please take me back, I was the worlds stupidest idiot." He said.
"NO!" I yelled at him.
"I said so, and you left me for three fucking years. You never made me feel loved!" I yelled with tears forming. Conrad went out side following Caden I heard:
"What Makes You Think She Wants You Back!?!"
"You aren't perfect either!" Caden yelled. I was watching them out the window Caden punched Conrad and he punched him back. I walked out side and yelled "What the fuck did you do this time! Get your ass home now! Im gonna call the cops on you!!"
 Conrad had a bruised eye. So I gave him an ice pack and kissed it better. My eyes were red and puffy from crying. He kissed me back and carried me back to bed. We got back up to bed and he asked
"Yeah babe?"
"I was wondering if you would want to maybe move in with me?" All I did was sit up and smiled then, I kissed him again.

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