Tomb Raider: Mythos

Lara Croft sets out to find one thing and stumbles upon something much more interesting.
On the west coast of Eire a myth is about to rise...

Author's note: (I wrote this story for the Gaming Fan Fic comp)"I know the blurb might not be very inviting but I'm still not sure where the story will go, so please bare with me."


4. That's Not Grandma

Do you know who he is?” Zip’s voice comes from the ear piece.

No, I don’t.” “Can you see where we’re going?” Lara asks.

Just getting a fix on you.”

Lara turns off the main road following the bike ahead of her down a small lane with a high tuft of grass up the middle. Its dark now and Lara has to concentrate to keep the bike ahead in sight. “You’re pretty much headin into the middle of nowhere north east of Ennistymon.” “Charming.” Boots turns off to the right driving up a lane that is more of a gravel track. Suddenly there’s a load humming noise. “What’s that noise?” “Helicopter I think.” Lara replies not daring to take her eyes off Boots’ tail light. Suddenly he stops, Lara hits the brakes and throws herself off her bike, Boot’s form is just visible in the darkness, he’s running up the rocks towards a high point about fifty meters away. The helicopter is hovering just above it, Lara flicks on her light. She takes off running, jumping the cracks and chasms in the in the volcanic rock. But Boots is already climbing a ladder hung from the chopper which is now rising out of her reach. “Damn.” Comes Zip’s voice.

The helicopter vanishes into the night taking Boots with it.

Well, that was strange.” Lara says to herself. “Yes it was.” Alistair agrees. “Mmm.” “What was that Zip?” Lara asks as she turns to survey her surroundings. “Oh nothing just thinking.”

Rock rivers stretch in every direction except the way she had just come, she turns and goes back down to the track where the bikes wait. Boot’s bike has no number plate or any identifying features except the fact it is also a Ducati. “Which doesn’t really mean anything.” Lara sighs and rubs her arms, glad she wore her jacket as the night is becoming colder. Something catches her eye as she turns to go, looking back she sees a light, after watching it for a moment she decides it’s a house light. “It looks like someone actually lives out here.” “What?” “There’s a house light up there, in the trees.” “You gonna check it out?” Zip asks. “Of course.”

Twenty minutes later Lara reaches the copse of trees or rather hazel bushes. The house is a cottage tucked away behind the thicket. Only one window sheds light, switching off her own light, Lara kneels and crawls up to the wall of the cottage, trying as she goes not to break any of the dratted branches that lace so tightly together they could almost be a solid wall. Pressing her back to the rough stone she edges along towards the window. “You’re probably going to look in there and give some poor old grandma and her cats the fright of their lives.” Zip whispers, though no one but Lara can hear him. Lara just rolls her eyes and turns to the window. Raising herself slightly she looks over the window sill, the curtains are closed, of course but there is a small gap between them and the sill. A table surface, a hand holding a pen and some kind of charts. “That’s not a grandma’s hand.” Lara whispers.

I stand corrected.” Zip replies. “The door is just here so it probably opens into this room.” “Here we go, hold tight Alistair.” “Boys” Lara reprimands though she is smiling. Pulling her pistols Lara walks to the door. “Someone doesn’t want to be disturbed.” The door is ribbed with iron. “It never fails to amuse me that people will put all sorts of locks and security on their doors but always forget their windows.”

Backing up Lara aims for the window then runs straight towards it. Two feet away she pulls the triggers, the glass shatters as she throws herself through the window frame, landing, she rolls and stands, aiming at the man sitting not two meters away. “That’s him!” Zip all but yells in Lara’s ear and the tomb raider tries her best not to flinch. “That’s Lian.”

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