Tomb Raider: Mythos

Lara Croft sets out to find one thing and stumbles upon something much more interesting.
On the west coast of Eire a myth is about to rise...

Author's note: (I wrote this story for the Gaming Fan Fic comp)"I know the blurb might not be very inviting but I'm still not sure where the story will go, so please bare with me."


3. On The Road Again

The next morning dressed in her own clothes from her rucksack, a skin tight pair of thick cotton and suede khaki pants and a matching khaki tank top, Lara makes her way down the hall to Isabelle’s door pulling her brown hair up into a high ponytail. She knocks lightly, it is seven in the morning but she supposes her old friend would be up; she had always been an early riser when Lara knew her before. “Just a minute,” comes Isabelle’s voice. There is a sound of scuffling and then the door is thrown open. “Morning.” Isabelle runs a brush though her hair. “Good morning, I just wanted to say goodbye.”

 “Oh, you’re going so early.” Her grey eyes widen.

 “Yes, I like to get an early start.” 

 “Are you going to Ireland then?” Lara nods. “Clare?” “Yes.”

 “Will you visit again; I’d love to have some time to catch up.”

 “Of course.” Lara grins at her; it was good to see her old friend again.

 Isabelle throws her brush back into the room behind her and there is the soft thump of it landing on bed covers. She pulls Lara into a tight hug.  “It really is good to see again.” Isabelle murmurs then lets her go.

“And you.” “See you soon.” Lara smiles and turns away.


Zipping her white jacket right up to her chin, Lara kicks her bike into gear, once astride with snow flying up from her wheels the tomb raider clicks on her ear phone-camera. “Alistair?” “ Zip?”

 “We hear you, what’s up?” Zip, is one of Lara’s closest friends and partner-in crime- via the ear piece when the tomb raider is away on a mission. “Can you get me a flight to home for this afternoon?” “Sure.”

 “Anything interesting up there? “Alistair asks, Alistair is as well read as person can be, and where Zip handles the electrical and technical things Alistair knows everything there is to know about the ancient world and also a good bit about archaeology.

 “Yes, apparently, the guy who owned the complex last lived in Ireland but it probably isn’t even him, that’s where I’m going after.”

 “Why are you going then?” This from Zip.

 “I’m thinking he may have some connection to the man we’re looking for.”

 “Right, well the flight’s booked.”


 Lara turns up the throttle as she swings into the small road leading to the local town.




The plane tilts as it comes to land on British soil.

 Lara steps off the last step of the plane’s stairway. The English air-even in autumn-feels warm compared to Icelandic weather. As she unzips her jacket Lara sees Alistair’s old fashioned Ford car idling not far away.

 The late summer sun peaks though the clouds as Lara pulls the car’s door closed behind her. “Alistair, anything new at home?”

 “Not really, some young louts broke into Zip’s caravan and trashed some of his equipment and now he is in a fowl temper but other then that nothing.”


 They trundle up the drive to Croft Manor half an hour later, the evening sun glances off the many polished windows and the smell of the country side drifts in through the rolled down windows.

 A crashing sound comes from the caravan on the front lawn. Something, it seems to be a mix of wires and batteries and pieces of silver metal flies out the open caravan door to land on the driveway right in front of the car. Alistair breaks and sighs to himself.

 Zip looks out the door.

 “How are you Zip?” Lara calls as he goes to pick up his contraption.

 “As well as can be expected.”

 “See you later.” Lara says as the car pulls away.

 Once inside, Lara dumps her stuff in her room. Back downstairs she grabs an apple from the kitchen and flops down on the sofa in the foray. A door creaks open and Alistair comes out of the library and down the stairs, book in hand, as usual. Looking up from the pages he asks, “Ireland then?”  “Yes.”

 “The Land of Saints and Scholars has quiet a treasure trove of mythology.”

The book in his hand is a hard copy of “Myths from Hibernia”. Lara nods to it.

 “New book?”

“No, actually,” Alistair turns a page. “Rather old, I just rooted it out of the library.”

 Alistair sits on the sofa opposite and becomes totally engrossed in his book.

 Winston comes in from the kitchen. “Tea, Lady Croft?”

 “Thank you Winston but maybe later.” Apple finished Lara throws the core into the fire that blazes in the hearth. Jogging upstairs she collects her swimming gear and goes back downstairs to the large indoor swimming pool. Dressed in her black two piece Lara dives from the highest diving board into the clear warm water of the pool.



 Two days later Lara dives her Ducati bike off the ferry onto Dublin port.

 Checking the map on her PDA,-a waterproof hand sized gadget with a large HD screen, it could pinpoint Lara’s location, remind her what exactly she’d packed in her rucksack, show her a sonar map of her surroundings underground or underwater and held a digital journal for her to log her travels- she estimates how many hours it will take to reach Co. Clare and then the Burren.

 Donning her black helmet she kicks up a gear and speeds away.

 As she drives she thinks, this could be hopeless, how was she meant to find one man in the whole of the Burren. She had only been there once before and any occupied dwellings and been few and far between, she had Lian Strider’s photo with her and Zip is back at home researching him, her PDA, attached to the front of her bike in GPS mode, interrupts her thoughts by flashing brightly, the arrow on the screen indicates a right turn ahead, she could drive round to every house and show people his picture but who knew how long that would take, no, she’d just have to hope Zip found something useful. She swings right onto a mostly empty motorway and gears up to the speed limit. Two hours and forty three minutes later Lara slows down on entering Clare’s capital; Ennis. She pulls up in the side street, sliding off her helmet she presses a few buttons on her PDA, zooming in on the area of the Burren she will met first. Ennistymon, a small town near the west coast would be her first stop, get something to eat and find somewhere to stay for the night. She starts the bike and heads west north-west.


The light it beginning to fade as Lara knocks an eighth door. Four minutes later an old lady opens the door. The tomb raider smiles and holds out a photo.

 “Have you seen this man?” The old lady peers at it. “No, I’m sorry, I haven’t.”   

 “Ok, thanks anyway.” Lara turns away. Finding a hotel Lara parks her bike in the car park and books in for one night. After dinner and a long bath Lara opens the window of her room a crack and lies back on the bed, hands behind her head listening to the river waterfall outside the window.  Her laptop is open on the bed next to her, video calling Zip. “Any luck?” She asks when he appears on the screen. “Not sure yet.” He replies not looking up from another laptop. Lara closes her eyes letting him continue his work. She’s just starting to doze off when; “Ah, here we go.” Lara turns on her side, brown eyes focusing on the screen. “It says here a Lian Strider is a Gemini.” Lara rolls her eyes. “Fascinating, is there nothing else?”  Zip chuckles and continues reading. “Apparently he is a treasure trader and his brother lives in Co. Clare.”  Zip turns to look at her, his brows raised. Lara props herself up on one elbow. “Who’s his brother?” “I’d have said if I knew.” Zip sighs, turning back to his screen. “Do we have a picture?” “Not a good one but yes, sending it to you now.” A second later Lara’s PDA beeps; she grabs it from her backpack which is next to her. The picture is not a good one, the man stands some distance away, rain blurring the air, and all she can really make out is light brown hair tied in a low pony tail and pale skin. He’s dressed in a leather jacket and dark jeans with biker boots. She sighs, nothing useful again. Silence as Zip taps away on his laptop. Lara rolls onto her back.

 Someone crashes through the window, Lara rolls off the bed away from the window pulling her backpack with her. Silently she clipps on her ear phone/camera, cursing that her pistols are on the chest of drawers across the room. The man, she assumes it is a man, hasn’t moved from inside the window, Lara leans down and looks under the bed, a pair of boots stand near the far wall, mud crusts them.  

 Judging her distance, Lara rises to a crouch and jumps, hands pressing into the duvet, she pushes off and lands in front of Boots, raising her hands she braces for a fight but instead Boots runs for the door, Lara turns and follows at a run, grabbing her pistol belt as she goes. Out in the hall she catches sight of him vanishing around the corner at end of the hall, he is heading for the stairs. Lara, pistols strapped on-along with her magnetic grapple- runs to a hall window, slinging her grapple at the metal door knob across from the window she quickly lowers herself out. Four seconds later she is on the ground, retracting the grapple she runs for the main doors, Boots is just coming through them and almost skids into her, ducking his punch for her face she slugs him in the stomach, but her knuckles hit hard plastic, Boots dodges around her and runs for a motorbike idling near her own, jumping on it he speed towards the main road with Lara right on his tail.



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