Dear Diary..

Alison is a 19 years old girl, who is writing her feelings in a diary. She is waiting for her happy end. But she didn't know that her happy end is far away.


1. I'm depressed


April 13 2012


Well I don't even know how to start writing it so I'm starting with :

Dear Diary,

I tried to end my life. I was alone, well I'm now alone too. No one is here with me. I just wanted a friend.Someone who will love me. I'm lying on a hospital bad. It is uncomfortable and has a disgusting smell. Everyone in this fucking hospital is looking at me like I was crazy and I know they are thinking that just because I cut myself veins. Nobody really understands me.They sent me a psychiatrist. His name is Greg. He told me that here should I write my feelings, how my day was and all other bullshit. Well what should I write here? I'm feeling ugly, fat, depressed, lonely, sick. and more.I'm done for today. 



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