Who is a Directioner?

This story is about who is a directioner. This proves if you are or not a directioner. 


1. One direction Dictionary

Here you can add words to the 'Directioner Dictionary.' Anything that a true Directioner simply HAS to know, or any word that has a normal meaning but has a totally different meaning to Directioners. :)

P.s Do the word and a dash after it in bold, then to the meaning.

P.p.s Try to use like formal language to make it sound like an actul dictionary! 

Anyone who has a true love for One Direction. This means not just loving one of the boys, but loving ALL of them. You can still have a favourite but you don't hate on any of the boys. A Directioner will make it their life's duty to know everything that is possible to know about the band. :) 


The literal meaning of this word is someone who was orignially a 'belieber' but ditched the Biebs and hated on him as soon as 1D came along, therefore making them a true fan of neither. The word is now also used to mean anyone who thinks they have all the facts/ are a true fan, but consistently show signs that they actually have their facts wrong, or do stupid things to show off (eg. buy the 1D school bags) to try to prove they are huge fans. Directionators will also insist on calling Louis 'Lewis' and spelling Zayn 'Zain'. Also, someone who only loves some of the boys is a Directionator! (see the photos section of this group for more!)

*WARNING: If you're a Directionator and reading this, then please expel yourself from this Group and take the door to your left, to exit this fandom. Much Love. *

A word that Harry infamously whispered into the ear of Matt Cardle, when he won X-Factor 2010. He said - 'Think of all the Pussy.' When later asked WHY he said this, Harry went on to say that Matt had needed money to buy some cats for his mum, for christmas, and Harry was just saying that he could use the money to buy lots of cats. Sure Harry. Sure. :)

And you gotta make a huge smiley face like Louis does! :D


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