missing a piece

this isnt really a book, its more like a diary with the dear diary. i have been through shit, and ive talked to ppl about it, but i dunno something made me feel as if, if i posted it, it might also help those who read it going through similar things. some passages or entries end with questions, and it would be AWESOME if you answered, i am also willing to answer questions for you or give advice. i love helping others and stuff, so you can probs comment a question or problem and if i can ill answer. thnx :D hope this helps anyone in any way/

ps this can be abit personal, but i dont mind. :)


5. sometimes..

sometimes I think theres a reason to why one does not open up, and maybe it because they are scared. and in all honesty its not their fault. its the people around, that makes it so daunting for one to open up and not be scared. 

I guess some are scared that, once they cry infront of a person or open up, that thats all they see. a sad person. its like they forget the happy person inside you, and it hurts. alot. it makes you want to never open up to anyone. afraid that they will forget, get annoyed or simply replace the real you with that you. 

i know for a fact that i hate it. one of my best friends, made me realise it was true.. and it hurt like hell, yet they know nothing about how you feel. 


a.n im not in the mood as u can tell aha, so dont mind the mistakes and stuff maybe? sorry

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