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this isnt really a book, its more like a diary with the dear diary. i have been through shit, and ive talked to ppl about it, but i dunno something made me feel as if, if i posted it, it might also help those who read it going through similar things. some passages or entries end with questions, and it would be AWESOME if you answered, i am also willing to answer questions for you or give advice. i love helping others and stuff, so you can probs comment a question or problem and if i can ill answer. thnx :D hope this helps anyone in any way/

ps this can be abit personal, but i dont mind. :)


4. Drugs in Bali case

Druggos in Bali case.


Okay so a lot of people out side of Movellas has asked me, Do you think that is was moral or right for Bali to kill the the eight people who decided to take drugs to the country? my answer was they knew. 

I DO NOT agree with how Indonesia had treated them, but the law is law. whether it be in Australia, America, India, Italy or Indonesia, laws exist in every single country. If you decide to visit another country and are aware of their laws, then why bother break it, knowing that there are consequences. 

The eight did deserve to be punished. Whether it was execution or just jail time. However no matter how much wrong they have done, they do NOT deserve to be tortured for ten years or so and then killed. It is disgusting to know that people only care about them selves, their families and their country. I am proud that Australia did try stop them from executing the two Australians, but at the same time i feel like it only dragged it on, and caused the two and the rest more suffering. 

Living ten years in prison, knowing that in the end, the answer is to be killed and not to go back to your families is cruel. Its horrifying to know that this was a punishment. If Bali was set on execution then it should have been done ten years ago, not now. 

I do NOT believe in execution, nor do I believe in getting away with a crime. However I believe in second chances. That every one can fix them selves and their mistakes. But to do that, people need to be given the time but most of all the support. This goes from small mistakes to committing huge crimes. yes they should be punished, but they should also be given the chance and opportunity to get better and become a better person. 


A/N: have not written in months! but decided this would be a good topic to talk about. sorry if its boring but hope u like it.

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