missing a piece

this isnt really a book, its more like a diary with the dear diary. i have been through shit, and ive talked to ppl about it, but i dunno something made me feel as if, if i posted it, it might also help those who read it going through similar things. some passages or entries end with questions, and it would be AWESOME if you answered, i am also willing to answer questions for you or give advice. i love helping others and stuff, so you can probs comment a question or problem and if i can ill answer. thnx :D hope this helps anyone in any way/

ps this can be abit personal, but i dont mind. :)


2. CHOICES?!?!?!?! FAULTS?!?!?!

choices and faults?!?

I don't chose who I hate, love, like or dislike. It is a feeling that naturally grows. It is not my fault I don't like some one, it probably means that im scared or feeling hopeless around ya, it might also mean I feel unsafe or just did not click. it is not my fault if I like you, i probs feel as if I can trust you, or tell you anything to almost everything. it is not my fault i hate you, you probs make me feel shit, miserable and helpless. and lastly it is soo not my fault if i love you. i probably feel like i can trust you with my life and your one of the many reasons for there to be a smile planted on my face, even in the roughest times, eventhough you may also be the reasons for my random break downs.

A.N i know this aint a book tht has drama, or a story line but hey please comment questions and i will answer in the the book..also these are actually written by me, when i feel shit. 



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